National PE & Sport Week

Share Your Events and Ideas

Throughout the country, SHAPE America members are leading effective health education, physical education and physical activity programs that make a difference! 

During National Physical Education & Sport Week — and throughout the year — help us spread the word about your physical activity events!

Use social media and tag your posts #GetActive.  Be sure to add our Twitter handle @SHAPE_America when you post.

Share a Tip
How will you personally empower all children to lead healthy and active lives? Get some inspiration from SHAPE America members and share your tips and ideas using #GetActive.

Submit a Case Study
SHAPE America case studies spotlight inspiring projects and programs that exemplify best practices. Submit a case study for consideration.

Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram Ideas
  • Post photos or a video highlighting activities and events throughout the week. Find activity ideas here.  
  • Quotes always inspire! Are you holding a school-wide assembly with local VIPs? If so, share their words of wisdom along with a photo from the event. Take a look at what a few of our members are doing around the nation.
  •  Follow SHAPE America on Snapchat (see Snapcode on right) and send us your snaps throughout the week. We'll be looking for fun photos and videos to share nationwide!

Post These Sample Social Media Messages

  • @SHAPE_America has new activities + lesson plans to help all kids #GetActive in #HPE this Nat’l PE & Sport Week!
  • Just played @SHAPE_America’s #50MS Badge Hunt Game! The grand prize - @Ergotron standing desks! #GetActive
  • Recognizing my students who #getactive this May week w. @SHAPE_America’s certificate of participation! #physed
  • All kids deserve a chance to #getactive + lead healthy lives thru effective #HPE. Join me + ask for #MoreTitleIV!
  • Celebrating the value my (fill in health/PE program) has on students. It’s Nat’l #Physed + Sport Week! #GetActive
  • Help develop physically literate Ss with #SHAPEAmerica’s Nat’l Standards + GLOs! #GetActive #physed




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