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Tell Your Story With a Photo...

We all know the power of a photograph to convey emotion and tell a story. Do you have a photo that tells your story from the past year of teaching?

Share your best photo on social media — it might even get selected for inclusion in the Spring issue of Momentum magazine!

  • Be sure to tag @SHAPE_America and use #SHAPETeachOn.
  • Don’t miss the deadline: Wednesday, May 5.


Or Just 6 Words

Six words. If you reflected on what it was like to teach this year, do you think you could share that story in just six words?

The “six-word memoir” format has been used in classrooms, best-selling books, and even as part of public art projects.

Now it’s time to share your story:

  • Think back on this school year and find the six words that capture the essence of your experience.
  • Share your six-word story on social media using #SHAPETeachOn.
  • Don’t miss the deadline: Wednesday, May 5.

We’ll be selecting a variety of six-word stories to appear in the Spring issue of Momentum magazine.

If you prefer, you can Share Your HPE Story via email at

Photos should be full-size, JPG format.


Share Even More

Help us shine a spotlight on the impact you are making through effective health and physical education! Share some of your favorite lessons, activities, and more on social media using #SHAPETeachOn.



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