National Physical Education and Sport Week

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Tips, Tricks and Ideas for May Week!
Kyle Bragg; @ElemPE1, Lynn Hefele; @lynnhefele, Will Potter; @MrWillPE


  1. What are some of your favorite activities or success stories from National Sport and PE Week from the past?
  2. If I was interested in celebrating National Sport and PE Week for the first time, what would you identify as the most important step in planning activities for the week?
  3. This year, the theme for National Sport and PE week is “Creating a Kinder, Healthier Future for All Children.”  What type of activities are you planning for National Sport and PE Week 2019?
  4. What are some personal and social skills that you feel students can use benefit from learning and practicing?
  5. How are you planning on (or: What are some activities that teachers can use)  promoting kindness and/or mindfulness during National Sport and PE Week?
  6. What are strategies or ways that teachers can help students extend the focus on mindfulness, kindness and health beyond National Sport and PE week?
  7. What resources would you recommend to help teachers with mindfulness, kindness or National Sport and PE Week activities in general?

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