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SPEAK Out! Day Highlights


Jump Rope For Heart #Jump4More Showcase  
A few words in support of health and PE from Rep. Mike Doyle (D-PA-14)  
Learning from State Successes: Panel Discussion  
Local Advocacy 101 with retired superintendent Dr. Jeremy Lyon and current president of the Youth Division for The Cooper Institute  
Attendees Are Saying

"One of my favorite days. Getting to talk about health and PE. #moretitleIV #SPEAKOutDay #SHAPEAdvocacy"
— Cathy Moffitt, RI


"What an amazing group of educators! Keep advocating for what’s essential for kids, quality #physed #SPEAKOutDay."
— Becky Foellmer, IL

"So fantastic to meet such a supportive representative. Thank you for being OUR advocate and the advocate of children across the USA, @daveloebsack! #SPEAKOutday." 
— Becky Foellmer, IL

"Thank you @Tim_Walz for discussing with us the importance of #physed and #healthed in our schools. #SpeakOutDay #MoreTitleIV." 
— Mike Doyle, MN

"HUGE! Day for America’s children. #SpeakOutDay." 
— Reg Hageman, MT

"Thanks to @SenatorCardin for taking time personally to meet with Maryland’s #SpeakOutDay team and for supporting #MoreTitleIV."  
— Chris Hersl, MD

"Research shows that, in districts that comply with state policies for effective physical education, students are more fit and can achieve more fitness goals." 
— Nancy Brown, CEO, American Heart Association