SPEAK Out! Day

Let’s Engage & Advocate Together for More Title IV Funding

Whether you’re attending our 10th annual SPEAK Out! Day this year on Capitol Hill or back home, you can do your part to ask Congress to fully fund Title IV, Part A, a federal grant that can support health and physical education in schools.

Use these sample social media messages to encourage your colleagues, family and friends to join your efforts to “speak out” for school health and physical education!  You can even tweet directly to your lawmaker! Use hashtag #MoreTitleIV.

Catch Facebook live highlights from our SPEAK Out! Day prep sessions with key Title IV, Part A, ESSA information to advocate like a champ back in your home state!

Tweet to Family & Friends ​

  • Our Ss are depending on us. Let's empower them to live active, healthy lives! Ask Congress for #MoreTitleIV! #ESSA http://bit.ly/2nXAsFb
  • #MoreTitleIV funds can help my #HPE prog thrive so I can empower kids to lead active, healthy lives. Advocate w/me! http://bit.ly/2nXAsFb
  • $1.65 billion in ESSA funding under Title IV, Part A is at risk of being cut! Tell #Congress, we need #MoreTitleIV! http://bit.ly/2nXAsFb
  • Well-rounded edu includes health + #physed, let's ensure these programs get the funding they deserve! #MoreTitleIV http://bit.ly/2nXAsFb
  • At @SHAPE_America’s 10th annual #SPEAKOutDay to advocate for #MoreTitleIV #ESSA funding. Join me in supporting #HPE! http://bit.ly/2nXAsFb

Tweet Directly to Your Congressional Representatives

  • (fill in your lawmaker’s handle) Give schools the funding access they need to provide a well-rounded education! #MoreTitleIV please!
  • (fill in your lawmaker’s handle) Let’s not make school districts have to choose to support one program over another. Support #MoreTitleIV
  • (fill in your lawmaker’s handle) Kids need to have opport to lead active, healthy lives. It starts w effective #HPE in schools. Support #MoreTitleIV
  • (fill in your lawmaker’s handle) Thank you for meeting with me today + hearing my story of how #HPE directly impact students. Pls continue to support #MoreTitleIV
  • (fill in your lawmaker’s handle) PE + health = student success! Check out the benefits! http://bit.ly/2oddsnU #MoreTitleIV

More Tweet-Worthy Topics

  • Raise general public awareness to your followers about SHAPE America’s SPEAK Out! Day and your attendance.
  • Post updates from Capitol Hill to your colleagues back home.
  • Tweet about your experience on Capitol Hill during SPEAK Out! Day, including feedback from your lawmaker and what came out of your meetings.
  • Not at SPEAK Out! Day? Share stories of local impact using #MoreTitleIV.
  • Connect and directly engage with your representatives throughout the coming weeks!

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