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As Educators, We Must Do Even More


RESTON, VA, June 1, 2020 

To our community —

Words cannot undo the injustice, anger and sorrow caused by the brutal murder of yet another black man in our country, George Floyd.

Systemic racism is not new, and to let it continue is intolerable.  The hurt, the fear, the frustration … it is pouring out of all of us.  As human beings, we must not look away. And as educators, we must do even more.

We bear a great responsibility for making a change and helping our students see that a more equitable world can exist.  It’s our responsibility and we hear it loud and clear. Our hearts are with the Floyd family and we will stand together with them to denounce racism in every form. 

We are not perfect, but we commit to being better and we thank those of you in our HPE community who have challenged us to do better. Your compassion, courage and conviction is what we will draw from as we listen and do the work necessary to build a better and more just world. 


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