Active Schools

SHAPE America is thrilled to be a managing partner of Active Schools –a national physical education and physical activity solution to ensure 60 minutes of physical activity is the new norm in K-12 schools. 

A part of the First Lady's initiative, Active Schools makes it easier for schools to create an Active School environment by streamlining physical education and physical activity resources, programs, grants and professional development.

With Active Schools, you will Evaluate how your school is already moving, Activate resources and programs from your customized Action Plan, then Celebrate your school's success and hard work. 

After completing the short Assessment, your school will unlock access to activation tools including: activation grants, special incentives and discounts, a one-stop shop of evidenced-based resources, professional development, and technical assistance. Eligible schools will even have the opportunity to apply for the Active Schools National Award –the top Active Schools is offered at no cost to schools. 

Anyone –school administrators, classroom teachers, physical educators, staff and even parents –can sign up to champion  Active Schools. However, SHAPE America is particularly proud of the opportunities Active Schools provides for health and physical educators to be recognized as gurus, thought leaders and change agents within their communities. 

The best part is that Active Schools is FREE, easy and results in a comprehensive, individualized approach to getting students moving for at least 60 minutes before, during and after the school day. Enroll your school today at As an Active Schools managing partner, SHAPE America will work to recruit individual champions, sign up  25,000 schools and facilitate the training of at least 20,000 Physical Activity Leaders by 2018.