2019 Webinar Call for Proposals

  • Do you have a great idea you'd like to share with the health and physical education community?
  • Have you earned an award or been praised for your innovative teaching strategies?
  • Are you interested in gaining visibility for your content expertise in health and physical literacy?

This is your opportunity! The call for proposals is open for SHAPE America's 2019 "By You, For You" webinar series. If selected your webinar will be featured in the SHAPE America Online Institute and will be promoted to a wide network of health and physical education professionals. We invite you to share your expertise as one of the many expert speakers bringing insight, innovation, and collaboration to the HPE community.

Submissions will be open Monday, October 29th - Sunday, November 18th.

Interested in submitting a proposal? Follow the steps below to get started:

    1. Review the presenter and presentation expectations below.
    2. Review the PDF of the submission form so you can fully plan your proposal.
    3. When you have your proposal information ready, submit it via this link.

Presenter Expectations

A presenter’s commitment to their presentation is essential to the webinar’s success.
All accepted webinar presenters will:

  • Be SHAPE America members. Not a member? Join now!
  • Develop a timely webinar presentation on a topic relevant to SHAPE America’s membership. Suggested topics: social emotional learning in HPE settings, formative and summative assessment, skills-based health education assessment, and diversity/inclusive activities in PE lessons
  • Be passionate and knowledgeable about the topic presented
  • Submit all documents and materials to SHAPE America by specified deadlines
  • Participate in a practice webinar session, as well as a webinar recording session
  • Contribute to a pre- and post- discussion in My SHAPE America to further engage with the HPE community
  • Comply with all technical requirements, citation policies, and permissions to use materials policies

Presentation Expectations

SHAPE America has high expectations for its webinars. We consider them to be quality professional development opportunities for professionals in the disciplines we represent and as a result, we hold our webinar presentations to the following standards.
All webinars accepted for the 2019 SHAPE America webinar series will:

  • Share innovative ideas or existing ideas in a new way
  • Be engaging – more educational and less informational
  • Provide strategies and resources attendees can implement and utilize immediately
  • Be one hour in length
  • Have 3 to 5 clear and concise learning objectives
  • Include 3 to 4 check-in “pulses” to simulate participant engagement
  • Post “pulse” questions to the My SHAPE America online community to help spur discussion
  • Have lecture portions chunked into 10-15 minute sections with opportunities for simulated participant engagement in between lecture portions
  • Utilize the SHAPE America PowerPoint template
  • Provide a notes version of the PPT
  • Include tangible resources (templates, lesson plans, samples, etc.) for posting with the webinar recording
  • Balance text with photos/clip art
  • Only include clip art/photos that are in the public domain and/or photos for which the speaker has photo releases that can be supplied upon request
  • NOT be commercial or promotional in nature

Proposal Timeline

  • October 29: Call for proposals is open.

  • November 18: Call for proposals closes and all submissions must be received.

  • December 15: Accepted proposals notified by SHAPE America.