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The 2020-21 SHAPE America By You, For You Webinar Series was curated from proposals selected for the 2020 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo. All webinars are recorded and available on demand after their release date — just register and watch when your schedule allows. This makes it easy to earn and track professional development contact hours (SACH) on your timetable!

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Teaching Creative Dance to K-2 Children
January 7, 2020 FREE to Members Non-members: $19.96

Presenter: Alyson Bennett Intended Audience: Physical Education Teachers, Elementary school teachers

Physical education teachers (K-2) will learn new ways to teach dance to their students which go beyond the typical dances that students already know. Creative dance is a popular method of dance among children because it promotes self-expression and encourages thinking and creativity. Educators will learn how to use imagery, Merce Cunningham’s method of chance, and equipment to create their own dance to teach to their students and then assess their creativity.

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Adventure Racing Activities for Assessment
December 17, 2020 FREE to Members Non-members: $19.96

Presenter: Dan DeJager Intended Audience: 4-12 Physical Education Teachers

Adventure Racing CORE (a Cooperative Obstacle Racing Experience) uses the basic ideas of adventure racing and can be done at any school without expensive equipment. By using teamwork, problem solving skills and fitness, teams read and follow a task sheet to make their way through an obstacle course to the finish line. Learn about this fun way for students to learn skills and knowledge while getting physically fit and using teamwork. Participants will also learn how to use this unique lesson format for assessment purposes. Presented by the 2019 National High School Physical Education Teacher of the Year.

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Training the Next Generation of Skills-Based Health/Social Emotional Learning Professionals
December 3, 2020 FREE to Members Non-members: $19.96

Presenter: Mary Connolly Intended Audience: K-12 Health Educators
Learning Objectives:

What is the full spectrum of teaching skills-based health/SEL? Join this webinar to increase your knowledge and skills and prepare yourself to participate in the next generation of professionals who know how to access data, select content and skill performance indicators to reduce risk factors, align SEL competencies, plan student engaging lessons with plenty of practice, and design wrap-up questions and exit tickets.

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Bringing Social Emotional Learning Competencies Alive Through Skills-Based Health Education
November 19, 2020 FREE to Members Non-members: $19.96

Presenter: Mary Connolly & Melanie Lynch Intended Audience: K-12 Health Educators
Learning Objectives:

Do you want to include SEL in your skills-based instruction? Do you want to know if you are already teaching SEL? Join us to learn more about identifying the SEL already included in instruction and how to intentionally plan for content, skill, and SEL. Enjoy the creative work of Melanie Lynch and the pedagogical expertise of Mary Connolly as they collaborate to help other professionals continue to grow and bring SEL competencies alive through skills-based instruction.

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Remote and Face-to-Face Learning: A Dozen Reasons for Conceptual Physical Education
November 5, 2020 FREE to Members Non-members: $19.96

Presenter: Charles Corbin; Pamela Kulinna; Benjamin Sibley Intended Audience: Secondary school health and physical educators and future educators (middle school and high school)
Conceptual physical education (CPE) is a type of fitness education that uses a text and classroom sessions to teach concepts and self-management skills that promote lifelong fitness and active living. This webinar presents 12 reasons why CPE should be part of quality secondary physical education, whether taught via remote learning (including online) or face-to-face. Presenters will provide suggestions for implementation of remote learning and face-to-face programs and provide evidence showing CPE’s effectiveness in meeting the overarching goals of physical education and physical literacy.
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Rockin’ the Party With DanceHERS
October 15, 2020 FREE to Members Non-members: $19.96

Presenter: Susan Flynn, Cheryl Wardell, Pam Powers Intended Audience: K-12 Physical Education Teachers
Sprinkle fun, electric, dance, and rhythm-based activities into your curriculum. No matter what your opinion is to the value of dance in physical education, you will leave this session with a strengthened belief that dance inspires creativity, increases fitness, and enhances social skills. Enjoy rockin’ jams for “casual performers” and “talented dancers” — no experience required. Rock this party DanceHERS style with a range of dances to hip, creative music, which will entice your students to recognize the value of dance for their health, self-expression, and/or social interactions.
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An Innovative Path to Reduce Sexual Risk-Taking in Youth
October 1st, 2020 FREE to Members Non-members: $19.96

Presenter: Jordan Karas & Asma Warrich Intended Audience: 6-12, health and physical educators
Learning Objectives: This session will demonstrate how a current research project is successfully incorporating physical activity into a sexual health curriculum to enhance youth health. Because preventing teen pregnancy requires a comprehensive approach, interventions that address a variety of protective factors have the capacity to reduce sexual risk-taking. TRAIL Enrichment empowers teens to make responsible choices regarding their sexual health through social and emotional learning. Individuals who interact with youth in school settings are encouraged to attend.
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Variety of Games using a Pedometer
September 17th, 2020 FREE to Members Non-members: $19.96

Presenter: Gilbert Bagaman Intended Audience: K-12
Learning Objectives: View this webinar to learn a variety of fun, creative games that serve fitness development and use a pedometer — many of which were student-created!. You’ll find high- intensity games which will improve stamina and leg strength, and games designed to give everyone a chance to win. You’ll also find games that students already commonly play, but through the addition of a pedometer have a different level of challenge and fun. All the games are designed to engage participants in moderate-to-vigorous activity.
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Use of Teaching Assessment and Improvement Program in Physical Education
September 10, 2020 FREE to Members Non-members: $19.96

Presenter: Lynn Fielitz, Jason Suby, John Borman, Dr. Drew Van Dam Intended Audience: PETE/HETE, K-12, Future Professionals
Learning Objectives: This presentation shows PE teachers and administrators simple and effective ways to assess teaching performance. It also provides helpful tips on how to collaborate with faculty on teaching improvement.
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Developing Physical Literacy Through Long-Term Individual Pursuits
August 27, 2020 FREE to Members Non-members: $19.96

Presenter: Joe Maldonado Intended Audience: Elementary
Learning Objectives:
  • Provide activities that maximize individual practice opportunities in variety of PE environments.
  • Basic to advanced manipulative skills
  • Coordination, rhythm, and tempo
  • Body and spatial awareness
  • Provide ideas for equipment and activities that will be suitable for students and teachers in virtual, hybrid, or traditional school environments.
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  • February 11Providing Rigor and Relevance through Wellness Education
  • February 25Social and Emotional Learning Supports Using the Whole Child Approach
  • March 11Student Engagement with a Tech Twist
  • March 25First 5 minutes, 5 classes, 5 months: Engaging All Students

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