May / June 2021



AJHE: American Journal of Health Education

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  May/June 2021 (Volume 52, Issue 3)

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/Aerobic Walking Exercise and Lifestyle Habits Interact with Sleep Quality, Stress, and Life Satisfaction: Results from a Randomized Crossover Study
 – Feifei Wang and Szilvia Boros

Background: Physical exercise interacts with sleep quality, stress and life satisfaction. Purpose: The current study examined the effectiveness of regular aerobic walking on sleep quality, stress and life satisfaction and to explore the associations between lifestyle habits and sleep quality, stress and life satisfaction. Methods: A 12-week randomized cross-over study with fifty-four participants was conducted. Results: Sleep quality (p = .002, r = −.46), stress (p = .007, r = −.38), and life satisfaction (p = .003, r = −.42) showed favorable changes in the intervention group and only life satisfaction increased in the control group (p = .003, r = −.43). Alcohol consumption showed positive correlation with sleep quality (p < .05). Males and females did not differ regarding sleep quality, stress and life satisfaction (p > .05). Discussion: The improvement of sleep quality, stress and life satisfaction was significant in the intervention group, although changes in control group did not indicate big differences. Translation to Health Education Practice: This study provides information and guidelines for Certified Health Education Specialist to design, implement and evaluate sleep education programs.

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Linda L. Knol and Caroline Brantley

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Reza Sadeghi, Mamood Reza Masoudi, and Narges Khanjani

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Wenxue Zou

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Tyler Prochnow, M. Renée Umstattd Meyer, Cassandra Johnson, Haley Delgado, Luis Gómez,and Joseph Sharkey

Assessing Use of Caloric Information on Restaurant Menus and Resulting Meal Selection in Saudi Arabia: Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior
Areej Ali Alkhathami, Areej Turki Duraihim, Fay Fallaj Almansour, Ghada Abdulaziz Alotay, Hadeel Sami Alnowaiser, Basil H. Aboul-Enein, Enmanuel A. Chavarria, and Nada Benajiba