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  September/October 2021 (Volume 52, Issue 5)

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/Investigating Exercise Readiness and Life Stress among Undergraduate Students at an Historically Black University
 – Sarah Toth, Isia Jenkins, and Christine Highfill

Background: Given the disparity of research regarding Historically Black College and University (HBCU) students’ health and chronic disease risk, investigation of exercise readiness and life stress is warranted. Purpose: This study investigated exercise readiness and life stress among undergraduate students at an HBCU. Method: The quantitative cross-sectional study utilized a Stages of Change framework. A survey determined exercise readiness and life stress scores among HBCU undergraduates (n = 304). Results: Most respondents (57%) were exercising regularly and classified in the Action and Maintenance stages. Approximately 44% reported normal Body Mass Index (BMI), and nearly 50% were overweight or obese. Life stress scores ranged from 1 to 31 (M = 14.23, SD = 6.05). Scores were highest in the Precontemplation stage (M = 15.64, SD = 4.31) and lowest in the Contemplation stage (M = 12.54, SD = 5.64). Median life stress scores were not statistically different between exercise readiness groups χ2 (4) = 55.61, p = .193. Discussion: Freshmen, especially females, should be encouraged to continue exercising to maintain a healthy BMI and reduce chronic disease risk. Translation for Health Education Practice: HBCU exercise interventions call for a socio-ecological approach based on current readiness stage distribution.

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