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  November/December 2021 (Volume 52, Issue 6)

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/Health Literacy and Health Education: Research and Practical Applications
 – Kerry J. Redican

Helen Osbourne states in her book, Health Literacy from A to Z, that health literacy is about communicating health information in ways others can understand. It has three central components: communication skills of the person expressing a message; learning needs of each person. This statement underscores The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s statement that health literacy is important in both personal and organizational contexts and accomplished through: (1) emphasizing people’s ability to use health information rather than just understand it; (2) focusing on the ability to make “well-informed” decisions rather than “appropriate” ones; (3) incorporating a public health perspective; and (4) acknowledge that organizations have a responsibility to address health literacy. These statements provide a good context for examining the relationship between health literacy and health education.

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Historical and Contemporary Aspects of Health Literacy in Certified Health Education Practice
Amy S. Hedman-Robertson, Kathleen G. Allison, Dianne L. Kerr, and Linda Lysoby

Advancing Professional Development in Health Literacy: The Health Literacy Specialist Certificate Program and the Health Literacy Solutions Center
Diana Peña Gonzalez and Michael Villaire

Strategies for Introductory Health Literacy Education Using Fundamental, Case-based, and Simulated Learning Experiences in Undergraduate Health Education
Joanne M. Crossman

The COVID-19 Challenge Now Is Getting Into Heads, Arms Will Follow
Thomas O’Rourke and Nicholas Iammarino

COVID-19 Vaccine Selfie: Why Does It Matter?
Muhammad Ittefaq, Mauryne Abwao, and Shafiq Ahmad Kamboh

Educational Strategies for Secondary Stroke Prevention: An Integrative Literature Review
Dame Elysabeth Tuty Arna Uly Tarihoran, Michelle Honey, and Julia Slark

Readability, Suitability, and Content Evaluation of Initial, Online Masking Guidance from U.S. States during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Claire J. McCreavy, Elizabeth Piccoli, Sarah E. Krier, Elizabeth M. Felter, and Willem G. van Panhuis

Child Dehydration Management: A Health Literacy-Focused Resource Analysis
Devanshi Bhavsar, Christen Hohman, Hannah E. Stinson, and Lorraine S. Wallace

Utilizing Health Literacy Measures to Assess the Content of a Food Quality Screener for Understandability and Actionability
Jerome E. Kotecki, Maurita A. Greene, and Michelle M. Jones

Development and Initial Validation of the Refugee Health Literacy Assessment Tool (RHLAT)
Megan A. Harris, Kimberly F. Colvin, Nora E. Lindner, Jennifer A. Manganello, Liban Mohamed, and Andrea V. Shaw