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  March/April 2022 (Volume 53, Issue 2)

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/Development of Brief Video Intervention to Promote Physical Activity among Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond
 – Natasha Kane, Misti Neutzling, and Sara M. St. George

BACKGROUND: Obesity and physical inactivity are serious public health concerns in the United States (US) and globally. COVID-19 restrictions are resulting in decreased physical activity (PA) levels among children. PURPOSE: To determine barriers and challenges to PA promotion among children during COVID-19 and inform a PA promotion video. METHODS: An explanatory sequential mixed methods approach was used to collect data from adults who have influence over the PA levels of children. Analysis included descriptive statistics of the quantitative data and a rapid qualitative analysis of qualitative data. RESULTS: Quantitative and qualitative data indicated that space, equipment, and virtual learning environments, among others, were key barriers to PA promotion, and that movement activities, game ideas, and brain breaks would be helpful video content. DISCUSSION: Considering the content and features desired by participants, PA promotion video content can be used in various settings. TRANSLATION TO HEALTH EDUCATION PRACTICE: We developed an animated video to promote PA in children and made it freely available on a variety of social media sites. The video may be used to enhance children’s PA levels in remote learning, school, and family environments. Participation in movement will contribute to children’s overall wellbeing and help prevent obesity.

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