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Introduction to Special Issue: Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses within Health Education

Elise Eifert

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I am excited to introduce a Special Issue of the American Journal of Health Education (AJHE) on Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses within Health Education. The purpose of this special issue was to provide in-depth understanding on important topics in health education through systematic reviews and meta-analyses that advance the health education profession. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses have an important role in health education practice by providing comprehensive syntheses of research on specific topics. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses that follow rigorous methodological practices can provide compelling evidence regarding issues currently impacting the health of individuals, communities, and societies. Furthermore, AJHE’s mission is to publish research manuscripts that focus on Health Education and Health Promotion interventions designed to prevent or delay the onset of the major chronic diseases and illnesses that impact population health. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses can assist in identifying populations, places, outcomes, and conditions where a health education/health promotion intervention might be needed or improved.

The special issue comprises six articles on an array of topics including physical activity, mental health, alcohol misuse and abuse, diabetes, COPD, and oral health. Different behaviors, geographic regions, theories, and intervention styles including student-led and self-management are explored. Most authors utilized the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) guidelines which is the recognized standard for reporting evidence in systematic reviews and meta-analyses. I think every Certified Health Education Specialist and Health Educator will find something of value and professional interest within these articles.

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