December 2019



RQES: Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport

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  December 2019 (Volume 90, Issue 4)

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/ Exploring Future Research in Physical Education: Espousing a Social Justice Perspective
Jennifer L. Walton-Fisette, K. Andrew R. Richards, Erin E. Centeio, Todd R. Pennington, and Tim Hopper

Although there has been forward movement in identifying and addressing diverse learning needs, social justice education is not a significant part of the current standards for beginning teachers or K-12 students in the U.S. Throughout our standards-based history, social justice has been more of a hidden curriculum. To attain the 50 Million Strong by 2029 goal, it is vital to acknowledge that physical education is a social justice issue. Without consideration of the historical, political, and social contexts that permeate and frame physical education, along with the social identities and lived experiences of our future teachers and students, it is unlikely that this goal will be sustained. While concerns have been voiced relative to the standards-based teaching movement, in a country that espouses standards-based education, a first step in moving any educational reform forward is to formalize its inclusion in the national standards that serve to guide our discipline. A philosophical shift may be what is needed for change to occur regarding social justice education in an attempt to enhance the learning opportunities for all students. A forward step in creating this change is to address the research and pedagogical practices of our current physical education teacher education and K-12 programs, along with the physical education standards and policies at the national and state levels. We specifically articulate connections between social justice education and four key, interconnected research areas related to (a) occupational socialization, (b) curriculum, instruction, and assessment, (c) technology, and (d) professional development.



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The Effect of Gradual Self-Control of Task Difficulty and Feedback on Learning Golf Putting
Mojtaba Jalalvand, Abbas Bahram, Afkham Daneshfar, and Saeed Arsham


Trampoline Versus Resistance Training in Young Adults: Effects on Knee Muscles Strength and Balance
Zhong M. Tay, Wei-Hsiu Lin, Ying H. Kee, and Pui W. Kong


Effects of Additional Load on the Occurrence of Bilateral Deficit in Counter-Movement and Squat Jumps
Stelios G. Psycharakis, Shawn R. Eagle, Gavin L. Moir, Alex Rawcliffe, Clive Mckenzie, Scott M. Graham,Hugh S. Lamont, and Chris Connaboy


Better Economy on Indoor Track Compared to Treadmill Running With 1% Inclination
Rasmus Pind, Kerli Mooses, Silva Suvi, Priit Purge, Mehis Viru, Ando Pehme, Priit Kaasik, and Martin Mooses


Vertical Ground Reaction Force During a Water-Based Exercise Performed by Elderly Women: Equipment Use Effects
Cristine Lima Alberton, Gabriela Neves Nunes, Douglas Guerreiro Dos Santos Rau, Marco Bergamin,Adriana Schüller Cavalli, and Stephanie Santana Pinto


Reliability of a Novel Badminton Intermittent Exercise Protocol
Jingyi Shannon Chia, Jia Yi Chow, Laura Ann Barrett, and Stephen Francis Burns


Reliable and Feasible Fitness Testing for Children on the Autism Spectrum
Emily Bremer and John Cairney


Physical Activity for Lent: Changes in and Associations Between Religiosity, Enjoyment, Motivation, and Physical Activity
David Kahan and Kent Arnold Lorenz


Changes in Fundamental Motor-Skill Performance Following a Nine-Month Mastery Motivational Climate Intervention
Jerraco L. Johnson, Mary E. Rudisill, Peter Hastie, Danielle Wadsworth, Kamden Strunk, Alexandra Venezia, Julia Sassi, Michael Morris, and Monaye Merritt


Effect of General Warm-Up Plus Dynamic Stretching on Endurance Running Performance in Well-Trained Male Runners
Taichi Yamaguchi, Kazuki Takizawa, Keisuke Shibata, Nobuyasu Tomabechi, Mina Samukawa, and Masanori Yamanaka


Conceptions of Adolescent Friendship Quality in Sport and Music Domains
Alison Phillips Reichter and Maureen R. Weiss


Beneficial Effects of Inspiratory Muscle Training Combined With Multicomponent Training in Elderly Active Women
Ainoa Roldán, Ana Cordellat, Pablo Monteagudo, Consolación García-Lucerga, Nieves M. Blasco-Lafarga,Mª Carmen Gomez-Cabrera, and Cristina Blasco-Lafarga


An Exploratory Study of Physical Education Teacher Education Graduates’ Job Histories
Steven C. Wright and Michelle Grenier


Barriers to Physical Activity in Disadvantaged Population: A Qualitative Comparison between Roma and Non-Roma Women
María Sanz-Remacha, Luis García-González, Javier Sevil Serrano, Eduardo Generelo Lanaspa, and Alberto Aibar Solana


The Effects of Varying Structured Physical Activity Duration on Young Children’s and Parents’ Activity Levels
Patrick M. Filanowski, Ronald J. Iannotti, Scott E. Crouter, Anne Vermeulen, Ellyn M. Schmidt, Jessica A. Hoffman, Carmen Castaneda-Sceppa, and Laurie A. Milliken


Reducing the Adverse Maternal and Fetal Outcomes in IVF Women by Exercise Interventions During Pregnancy
Forouzan Charkamyani, Azadeh Hosseinkhani, Leila Neisani Samani, and Leila Khedmat


Impact of Vascular Function on Maximum Power Output in Elite Handball Athletes
Pascal Bauer, Lutz Kraushaar, Astrid Most, Sophie Hölscher, Shahin Tajmiri- Gondai, Oliver Dörr, Christian Troidl, Timm Bauer, Holger Nef, Christian W. Hamm, and Till Keller


Effects of Experience and Opponents on Pacing Behavior and 2-km Cycling Performance of Novice Youths
Stein Gerrit Paul Menting, Marije Titia Elferink-Gemser, Andrew Mark Edwards, and Florentina Johanna Hettinga


Readiness to Perform Aerobic Activity in Adults With Obesity: A Thematic Analysis of Online Surveys
Kelley Strohacker, Rebecca A. Zakrajsek, Ethan T. Schaltegger, and Cary M. Springer


Comparison of Indirect Calorimetry- and Accelerometry-Based Energy Expenditure During Children‘s Discrete Skill Performance
Ryan Sacko, Kerry McIver, Keith Brazendale, Craig Pfeifer, Ali Brian, Danielle Nesbitt, and David F. Stodden


Exercise Professionals Improve Their Poor Skills in Contracting Pelvic-Floor Muscles: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Anna Szumilewicz, Will G. Hopkins, Marcin Dornowski, and Magdalena Piernicka


Creative and Intuitive Decision-Making Processes: A Comparison of Brazilian and German Soccer Coaches and Players
Stefanie Klatt, Benjamin Noël, Lisa Musculus, Karsten Werner, Sylvain Laborde, Mariana Calábria Lopes, Pablo J. Greco, Daniel Memmert, and Markus Raab


Work Ability of the Turkish Physical Education Teachers
Hüseyin Ünlü and Bijen Filiz


Lactate Equivalent for Maximal Lactate Steady State Determination in Soccer
Ibai Garcia-Tabar, Ermanno Rampinini, and Esteban M. Gorostiaga


Physical Activity Indicators, Metabolic Biomarkers, and Comorbidity in Type 2 Diabetes
Buket Akinci, Ipek Yeldan, Selda Celik, and Ilhan Satman


A Longitudinal Study of the Transition from Doctoral Student to Faculty Member in Physical Education
Gabriella M. McLoughlin, K. Andrew R. Richards, and Victoria Nicole Ivy