June 2021



RQES: Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport

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  June 2021 (Volume 92, Issue 2)

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/ Rationale for the Essential Components of Physical Education
Shannon L. Michael, Carly Wright, Amelia Mays Woods, Hans van der Mars, Timothy A. Brusseau, David F. Stodden, Sheri L. Burson, Jenna Fisher, Chad M. Killian, Shannon C. Mulhearn, Danielle R. Nesbitt, and Christopher D. Pfledderer

Purpose: This introductory article provides the context and rationale for conducting systematic literature reviews on each of the essential components of physical education, including policy and environment, curriculum, appropriate instruction, and student assessment. Methods: Four research teams from Doctoral Physical Education Teacher Education programs (D-PETE) conducted these systematic reviews using the PRISMA guidelines process. Results: This article explains the role of the national framework for increasing physical education and physical activity (i.e., Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program) in supporting the essential components of physical education. It also highlights the expectations for physical education and provides a brief history of these components. Lastly, this article highlights each of the articles presented in the special feature. Conclusion: Understanding the implementation of these components may be important for improving the physical education experience for all students and creating a foundation for lifelong physical activity and health.



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Guest Editorial

Evidence of the Essential Components: Modeling Transdisciplinary Team Science to Improve Physical Education
Darla M. Castelli


DifferEssential Components of Physical Education: Policy and Environment
Sheri L. Burson, Shannon C. Mulhearn, Darla M. Castelli, and Hans van der Mars


Associations Among K–12 Student Outcomes, National Standards, and Physical Education Curricular Models: A Systematic Review
Christopher D. Pfledderer and Timothy A. Brusseau


Appropriate Instructional Practice in Physical Education: A Systematic Review of Literature From 2000 to 2020
Danielle Nesbitt, Jenna Fisher, and Dave Stodden


Assessment Practices in K–12 Physical Education in the United States: A Scoping Review of Research, 2000–2020
Chad M. Killian and Amelia Mays Woods


Evidence Supporting the Essential Components of Physical Education as a Measure of Quality
Lynne Bryant, Sheri L. Burson, Jenna Fisher, Chad L. Killian, Shannon C. Mulhearn, Danielle Nesbitt,Christopher D. Pfledderer, and Darla M. Castelli