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Strategies: A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators

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  November/December 2018 (Volume 31, Issue 6)

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Ten Practical Strategies Coaches Can Use to Promote Nutrition to Their Athletes
– Shelley Holden & Timothy Baghurst

This article highlights 10 practical strategies coaches can use to promote nutrition among their athletes, as well as suggestions for how coaches can incorporate nutritional information into team and parent meetings, training and competition education sessions, and travel itineraries.

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Nutritional Considerations for Intermittent Exercise and Sport
Theodore Kessinger

This article highlights nutritional considerations that aid in the recovery of an athlete after intermittent exercise and explains why the timing for consuming certain nutrients is vital to the athlete’s performance. This review will focus on carbohydrates, proteins, fluids, and the timing of recovery nutrition.

Improved Learning in Physical Education through Immediate Video Feedback
Russell G. Nowels & Jennifer K. Hewit

This article describes a study that was conducted to assess whether immediate video feedback, in addition to standard instructor verbal feedback, improved students’ learning and performance on a basic gymnastics task.

Teaching Methods for Coaches — Coaching Methods for Teachers
Clancy Seymour & Gregory Reeds

Using a coaching/teaching scenario, this article identifies useful strategies employed by successful coaches and physical educators that have universal applications and can be adopted by both.

Developing Under the Guidance of a Mentor: Five Strategies for Coaches
Pete Van Mullem & Chris Croft

The purpose of this article is to provide coaching mentees with five strategies for taking an active role in developing as a coach under the guidance of a mentor: 1) identify potential mentors, 2) connect with potential mentors, 3) cultivate the relationship, 4) communicate to enhance the relationship, and 5) take ownership of the experience.


edTPA: The New Normal
– Anthony Parish

This article analyzes the challenges related to the required Education Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) in higher education, and offers tips for the successful completion of the assessment.

Using Sport Education to Promote Social Development in Physical Education
– Colin G. Pennington & Oleg A. Sinelnikov

This article examines how the sport education pedagogical model can be used to help students develop social responsibility and prosocial values in physical education.

Healthy Eating on a Budget: A Lesson in Frugality
– Elizabeth Whitney & Patrick Herbert

This article describes a learning activity designed to foster practical healthy eating skills while living on a budget.

Facilitating Positive Youth Development Through Competitive Youth Sport: Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies
– Fernando Santos & Thomas J. Martinek

This article describes some of the opportunities and strategies coaches can take advantage of to increase positive youth development and sports development in their programs.