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  January/February 2019 (Volume 32, Issue 1)

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Holicraze Days: Implementing Unique Holiday Activities in Elementary Physical Activity Settings—Part 1
– YuChun Chen, Tammy Shilling & Jeanie Rowland

This article is part one of a two-part series aimed at providing elementary physical education teachers with resources, ideas and activities that align with unique holidays throughout the academic year. It includes ideas for the months of January through May.

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Interactive Bulletin Boards Capture Your Students' Interest
Christine Hopple

This article describes simple techniques for adding interactive elements to bulletin boards to not only capture students’ interest, but to also help further their knowledge of key physical education concepts and skills.

Will an Enhanced Thayer Method of Learning Apply to Physical Education Classes?
Drew VanDam, Lynn Fielitz & Courtland Coffer

This article investigates the use of the Thayer Method (TM) of learning and reaching to teach physical education classes and proposes a modification to the method. This update to the TM will increase physical activity enjoyment and adherence.

Teaching One-Handed Sidearm Striking to Young Children: Sequencing Movement Tasks
Emi Tsuda & Seung Ho Chang

This article introduces a sequence of movement tasks to teach one-handed sidearm striking with a short implement to preK-2nd grade children. Although one-handed sidearm striking is a complex skill, learning this skill during early childhood would expand future opportunities for children to engage in various lifetime physical activities.

Team Cohesion: Demonstrating One Team’s Strong Bonds in Relation to Environment, Leadership and Attitude
Jamie Robbins & Leilani Madrigal

This article addresses factors coaches should consider during the recruiting process and throughout a season, as well as examples and strategies for enhancing team cohesion.


Preparing Health/Physical Education Students for a Job Interview
– Jane Lynes

This article describes a project that is being used in a teacher education program to prepare student-teachers for the interview process. The project begins with the formation of a cover letter, followed by the creation of a guided resume, and culminates with a mock interview.

Cultivating Relationships to Facilitate Perceived Mattering and Advocacy in Physical Education
– K. Andrew R. Richards

It is sometimes necessary for physical educators to advocate for themselves and develop support for their subject within the school environment. This article introduces perceived mattering and discusses some of the ways in which PE teachers can build relationships in their workplace to reduce their feelings of marginalization.

Helping Physical Educators to Implement the Mini-Volleyball Approach
– Anthony Meléndez Nieves, Luis Estrada Oliver & Farah Ramírez Marrero

Simplifying, adapting and modifying physical education activities can be beneficial for student learning This article explains how to implement the mini-volleyball approach to maximize beginners’ participation and learning opportunities in the sport of volleyball.

Creating a Team Foundation
– Thomas Roberge

Athletes are more likely to follow guidelines and rules that they themselves created. This article provides a model process for establishing team guidelines related to rules and roles. In this team exercise the head coach acts as the facilitator/mediator, while all decisions ultimately come from the players.