2021 District Teachers of the Year

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SHAPE America is proud to announce its 2021 District Teachers of the Year for adapted physical education, dance education, health education and physical education.


Adapted Physical Education

Central: Judith Smaic, Centennial Elementary School (CO) Eastern: Eric Kohl, Bird/Morgan School (NY) Southern: Eileen Tirado, School District of Palm Beach County (FL)

Dance Education

Midwest: Katie Calandra Kritek, New Trier High School (IL) Southern: Lydia Austin, Brenda Cowan Elementary School (KY)

Health Education

Central: Katie Seversen, Crestview Middle School (MO) Eastern: Jeff Bartlett, Holten Richmond Middle School (MA) Midwest: Maria Schneider, Brecksville-Broadview Heights Middle School (OH) Southern: Mary Jo Geddes, Tates Creek High School (KY)

Elementary Physical Education

Central: Tanner Roos, Linn Grove Elementary School (IA) Eastern: Elizabeth Bolger, Lincoln Avenue Elementary School (NY) Midwest: Mike Graham, Williamsburg Elementary School (IL) Southern: Crystal Williams, Bailey Station Elementary School (TN) Western: Kyle Bragg, Anasazi Elementary School (AZ)

Middle School Physical Education

Central: Jennifer Werner, Wentzville Middle School (MO) Eastern: Bo Shappell, Daniel Boone Area Middle School (PA) Midwest: Julie Kenny, Chardon Middle School (OH) Southern: Sheryl Ann Henderson, Palm Springs Middle School (FL)

High School Physical Education

Central: Ami Schulte, Timberland High School (MO) Eastern: Donine J. Kelly, Hamburg Area High School (PA) Midwest: Shannon M. Maly, Sun Prairie High School (WI) Southern: Jerry Douglas Honeycutt, Indian Land High School (SC)

Meet our 2021 District Teachers of the Year

Each of our District Teachers of the Year submitted a video so you can get to know them and what they hope to accomplish over the next year. Check them out!