HE Appropriate Practices 5: Instructional Strategies 2
HE Appropriate Practices 5: Instructional Strategies 2

HE Appropriate Practices 5: Instructional Strategies 2

This webinar is part of the Health Appropriate Practices webinar series. It can be purchased individually or as part of the entire series. After purchase, access this webinar through Webinar on Demand on your log-in screen.

Date Recorded: Wednesday, November 8, 2016

Teaching in Weight Room

The Appropriate Practices in School-Based Health Education webinar series is the companion webinar series to SHAPE America's Appropriate Practices in School-Based Health Education guidance document. This document articulates best practices in school-based health education in order to support the implementation of effective health education as a critical component of any school system.

Whether you are a veteran educator familiar with the appropriate practices or this is your first introduction to the guidance document, this webinar series provides key insights from the document's authors. In each installment of this webinar series, the authors engage in in-depth discussion on the appropriate practices and provide tangible resources and strategies to educators and stakeholders wishing to implement the outlined appropriate practices in their health education programs.

The practices described in the document and in the webinars are based on evidence relating to effective health education from organizations such as the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as other current resources. Each webinar in the series can be viewed individually to refine understanding of a particular section of the appropriate practices or as part of the entire series to gain a full, in-depth view of the entire guidance document.

Webinar 5 covers appropriate practices C.4 to C.7 and C.11, focusing on student engagement and participatory teaching.

You'll learn to:

  • Describe strategies to improve student engagement
  • Analyze existing curriculum for relevance to student population
  • Identify resources that can help bring curriculum up-to-date
  • Advocate to department the need for an updated and relevant curriculum

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