Midwest District Scholar Program

The Scholar Program recognizes an individual with an outstanding record of scholarly publications and presentations and active service to health, physical education, recreation, dance and/or sport.

Application deadline extended to October 15


Candidates shall have maintained membership for a minimum of five years with SHAPE America and exhibited a devotion to the advancement of health, physical education, recreation, dance and/or sport as exemplified by their leadership and industry.

Candidates shall display scholarly activity, service and commitment to the profession. The following are some illustrations of contributions. It is desirable that the individual nominated as Midwest District Scholar meet at least one criterion under each of the three categories below. However, if applicants do not fit all of the established criteria, the selection committee is still charged with the responsibility of review.


The individual shall have a scholarly record for a number of years as evidenced by publication and scholarly presentations, such as:

  • Articles in a variety of professional and/or popular publications;
  • Author or co-author of texts endorsed by professional colleagues;
  • Research articles published in recognized journals.
Public Services and Leadership

The individual shall be currently involved in active public service and leadership pursuits, such as:

  • Conference speeches, keynote addresses, etc.;
  • Being sought for consultation;
  • Diverse and practical service activities with documentation of involvement;
  • Showing a vitality of contemporary and future-centered thought in actions and in expressed or written words.
Professional Commitment

The individual shall be a SHAPE America member and should be a significant contributor to areas such as:

  • Contributor to SHAPE America publications;
  • Service on national, district or state committees;
  • Demonstrated expertise in the research process with sophistication as either a proficient researcher or competent critic of research.

Application Procedures

Application Deadline: September 15

Submit all required materials to Tammy Brant, Midwest District Awards Committee Chair.

Selection and Recognition Process

The Midwest District Awards Committee will select one Scholar recipient from the applications and present the nominee to the Midwest District Leadership Council for approval. The recipient will be notified by October 1 and be presented with the award at his/her state affiliate conference.

The Scholar Lecture shall be proposed to be delivered at the SHAPE America national convention, a district event, or  state conference. Any state interested in inviting the Midwest District Scholar for a presentation may make arrangements directly with the Scholar.

Questions? Contact Tammy Brant, Midwest District Awards Committee Chair.


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