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Frequently Asked Questions

SHAPE America Proposal Submission Process

Please reference this document if you have any questions. We are happy to address any concerns you may have that are not covered within this carefully prepared FAQ. You may contact SHAPE America via email at

When does the proposal site open?

The SHAPE America PETE & HETE proposal submission site opened on January 18. Information will be posted on the website, and sent to the membership with regular reminders to work with your colleagues to develop content for proposed sessions.

When are proposals due to the SHAPE America headquarters office?

All proposals must be submitted online through the submission site by the deadline of February 23 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Do I have to be a member of SHAPE America to submit a proposal?

No, you do not have to be a member of SHAPE America to submit a proposal.

How can I access the online proposal submission site?

Please visit the SHAPE America website and click on the Conferences & Events tab. From this tab you will be able to access the Call for Proposals link to submit either sessions and workshops or research proposals for consideration. You can access the 2018 PETE & HETE proposal submission site by clicking on the preceding link.

Are there registration or speaker stipends available for PETE & HETE presenters?

At this time, SHAPE America does not offer reduced registration fees or speaker stipends to attend the PETE & HETE conference.

What does SHAPE America look for when it reviews proposal submissions?

SHAPE America utilizes an established set of criteria during its review of proposals. They include, but are not limited to, the overall quality of the proposal and relevance to the SHAPE America mission; stature of the speakers within the industry; appeal of the content proposed; content overlap to sessions that were held during the most recent convention; and the completeness of the submission.

Helpful information related to proposal preparation: The title should clearly indicate the nature of the proposed session. If your submission requires the use of formatting tags (italics, accent marks, etc.) within the overview including speaker names, please refer to the section of the submission site “How to insert a special character” for help.

Who will be reviewing the proposals?

The SHAPE America PETE & HETE Program Committee will review proposals submitted for consideration. The committee members’ backgrounds represent the multidisciplinary subject matters areas relative to content presented during the conference.

When will formal notifications regarding submissions be sent to those who proposed a session for consideration for the national convention?

All submitters will receive a formal decision notice from SHAPE America headquarters in mid-April regarding their submission. If session planners have not been notified by April 16, they should send an email to the SHAPE America office at

How many programs are there associated with the PETE & HETE Conference?

SHAPE America offers participants two session tracks during the conference. The tracks include sessions and workshops, and research sessions that include oral or poster sessions.

What are sessions and workshops?

Our sessions and workshops highlight quality and innovative practices in our respective fields; are of national significance; are relevant to health and physical education, or physical activity disciplines; and have a well-defined focus.

What are poster sessions?

Posters sessions are formatted to allow presenters to display their research and findings on a 4'x 8' poster board in the exhibit hall. All accepted abstracts must represent completed studies that include results. During these presentations, presenters facilitate discussion with attendees during a 90-minute session.

What is an oral session?

An oral session is programmed to allow presenters the opportunity to discuss their research during a 12-minute verbal presentation followed by three minutes to answer questions from participants.

All abstract submissions must describe original, data-based research (quantitative, qualitative, historical, or philosophical) that has been completed at the time of submission and with specific results reported. The paper must not be accepted for publication (or already published) at the time the abstract is submitted and it must not be presented elsewhere prior to the 2018 SHAPE America PETE & HETE Conference.

How do I begin the process of submitting a proposal?

To submit a proposal, please visit the SHAPE America website and review the instructions prepared for the program type that interests you. When you are ready to submit your proposal, please create an account on the submission site. When your account has been created, you will be redirected to log in using the information you used to create your account. You may submit a proposal as a Presentation Submission, or Research Abstract. Please review the information prepared as reference prior to formally submitting to ensure that you submit your proposal into the appropriate category.

The system will automatically generate a confirmation email, which will include your session details and reference ID#. Your submission can be edited until the deadline of February 23 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

How many proposals can I submit for consideration?

You may submit as many proposals as desired for review and consideration. However, please note that you may not be a principal speaker or presenting author on more than two accepted sessions across the SHAPE America PETE & HETE conference program, which includes research. You may not amend your proposals after acceptance to add additional presenters if it is found that the presenter is listed on other accepted sessions.

When I tried to submit my proposal, I received an error message that information was missing. Why did I receive this message?

The system is designed to capture many required elements, which are designated by an asterisk (*) within an individual data entry field. If you fail to complete a field or make an error when entering required data, an “error” message will appear that will contain a list of incomplete or erroneous items. You will have to go back and correct these errors before your submission will be accepted.

Why am I required to list myself as both a planner and a speaker?

Only speakers are listed in the online scheduler and in the mobile app. If you are the planner (i.e., main contact) for your proposal, it will also be important for you to list yourself as a speaker when entering the speaker data to ensure that you are listed in online scheduler and mobile app and online planner. Note that we only communicate formal decisions and updates to the planner of submissions.

Is there a character limit for a proposal submission?

There is a limit of 75 words per submission for both the session overview and objectives listed. This does not include speaker names, affiliations, city and state details, etc. The word limit specifically includes all characters in the text box of a proposed submission. The title of your proposal should not exceed the 10- word maximum. The limited is increased (500 words) for Abstract Proposals and Symposium Proposals.

Can I withdraw my proposal after it has been submitted?

Yes. You can log in to the submission site prior to the deadline to withdraw your proposal from consideration. If you would like to withdraw your submission after the deadline, please contact SHAPE America via email at and formally request to have your proposal withdrawn from consideration. After a formal withdrawal, your submission cannot be resubmitted for consideration. Please provide your reference ID# and proposal title to ensure that the appropriate proposal has been withdrawn, especially if you have submitted multiple programs for consideration.

During submission of my proposal, can I request a specific date and time that my presentation be programmed for?

Upon submission of your proposal it is outlined that you and your presenters must be available anytime during the week of the scheduled conference (Salt Lake City, UT – October 16-20). Therefore, we do not accept requests for specific programming dates. If you withdraw your proposal after you have been notified of your presentation date and time, it will be recorded for reference and impact the committee’s decision to accept future proposals from you.

What if my proposal covers multiple content groups within the categories or across categories?

If you believe that your proposal covers multiple disciplines, we suggest that you submit your proposal to the category and subcategory that most closely fit the general topical area.

Why does only Research accept poster/abstract proposals?

The Research Program is designed to allow speakers to present original, data-based research (quantitative, qualitative, historical, or philosophical) that has been completed prior to the convention with specific results reported.