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February 27, 2018

In this episode, we continue our discussion of Building Health and Physical Education Dynasties with our guest, Tim McCord. Tim was a physical educator in Titusville, PA for 34 years. His physical education program has been featured in print media as well as in Dr. John Ratey’s book, “Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain."

Hear what led Tim to change the landscape of physical education within his district, and learn tips on how to turn around a culture at the school and district level.

Guest: Tim McCord, Retired Physical Educator, Titusville Area School District (PA) Tim served as the school district’s health and physical education department chair as well as the director of the PE4life Academy Training Center in Titusville. He was named Pennsylvania AHPERD Health Educator of the Year in 2003 and Coach of the Year in 2012. In addition to giving numerous presentations around the country, Tim also had the honor of providing testimony before the US Congress in February 2004.

February 13, 2018

During this episode of the SHAPE America Podcast Matt, Stephanie, and Collin introduce a new podcast series named “Building Health and Physical Education Dynasties”. These podcasts will spotlight professionals within our field that have built a program from the ground up, culminating in very successful health and physical education careers. First up, Tim McCord. Tim was a physical educator in the Titusville (PA) for 34 years. During the latter part of his career Tim visited Naperville Illinois, and it changed his professional career forever. Tim's physical education program in Titusville has been featured in multiple print media as well as in Dr. John Ratey’s book "SPARK". Enjoy, as Tim discuss his career journey.

Guest: *Tim McCord - Tim was a physical educator in the Titusville (PA) Area School District for 34 years. He served as the school district’s Health and Physical Education Department Chair as well as the Director of the PE4life Academy Training Center in Titusville. PSAHPERD awarded Mr. McCord the Health Educator of the Year in 2003 and Coach of the Year in 2012. He was also a 2007 President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Community Leadership Award Winner. Along with numerous presentations made around the country, Mr. McCord also had the honor of providing testimony before the US Congress in February of 2004. Mr. McCord is a member of SHAPE America and PSAHPERD. He is a past member of the Public Relations Committee for NASPE.


February 06, 2018

SHAPE America Podcast hosts Collin, Matt, and Stephanie will openly reflect on the aspects of health and physical education. The focus will be on honest reflections of what life is like being a leader in health and physical education. We will discuss classroom management techniques, technology best practices, assessments, planning, curriculum, models, things that went well and... the things that didn’t go so well. These episodes will be to showcase what educators truly go through, the upsides and downsides, and everything in between. The hosts will discuss what’s happening in their classes, personal goals, professional goals, and self care techniques they are using to stay mentally strong.

January 26, 2018

Join SHAPE America Podcast Host, Collin Brooks, as he interviews the new SHAPE America CEO, Stephanie Morris. Listen as Stephanie talks about the importance of health and physical education, shares some personal stories and discusses the latest on SHAPE America partnerships.

Guest: * Stephanie A. Morris brings nearly 20 years of diverse experience in marketing, communications and association management to SHAPE America. In her most recent role as deputy executive director of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), she provided leadership and oversight for five major departments: marketing and membership; corporate strategic alliances; content strategy and development; conferences and meetings; and the customer care center. In addition to the NAEYC, Stephanie has held executive positions with the American Council on Education, Widmeyer Communications, Venture Communications and the National Women’s Business Council.

January 16, 2018

What’s your tech focus in your health and physical education class this year? What types of technology do you have? What’s your thought process when you want to implement an app in your class/lesson? Do you want to implement technology but don’t know where or how to start? Listen in as SHAPE America Podcast hosts Collin, Matt, and Stephanie are joined by several tech savvy physical educators as they share many great ways to get started with technology, what types of technology health and physical educators are using, great apps for the student and teacher, and how to stay current using technology.

Guests: *Matthew Bassett – Matthew is a physical education teacher at San Jose Charter Academy, an active member in CAHPERD, an EPEW Committee Member, and an #ESPEchat moderator. Matthew received the California Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year award in 2017 and the Southwest District Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year for 2018. When not teaching, Matthew loves to spend time with his family, hiking, all things Disney, and traveling. *Jorge Rodriguez - Jorge is originally from McAllen, Texas and now lives in Houston. He attended the University of Houston where he was a high jumper on the track team and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with a minor in health. Jorge later went to receive his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from American College of Education. He is currently a physical education teacher at Harvard Elementary (an IB and STEM magnet school) in the Houston Independent School District, and is a Lead Teacher and the KEY teacher for physical education for the district. He is also an active member in Texas AHPERD, and sits on the recreation and social media committees and chairs the diversity section. Jorge absolutely loves his profession and is dedicated to do all he can to make it better!

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