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Next Chat December 3rd at 9:00 p.m. ET
Teaching Mental Health Literacy
Sarah Chap - @HealthTeachVT - Kris Lundgren, @LundgrenHealth, Vicki Samiotakis - @vickisamiotakis 


Q1: What are your go-to resources when talking with your students about mental health? #SHAPEHealthEd

Q2: What are some ways you address and help reduce the stigma around mental health in your classroom, school and/or community? #SHAPEHealthEd

Q3: Does your school do anything to help advocate for mental health, seeking help, etc.? #SHAPEHealthEd

Q4: Students with a higher level of mental health literacy have knowledge of risk factors. Do you talk about risk factors with your students? #SHAPEHealthEd

Q5: How do you get students to understand how different dimensions of wellness are connected to their mental health and well-being? (i.g., sleep, nutrition, etc.) #SHAPEHealthEd

Q6: Can you share your favorite skills-based lesson/activities infusing mental health literacy? #SHAPEHealthEd

Q7: Does your state require schools and staff to be trained in Suicide Prevention? What do you do to address suicide in your classes? #SHAPEHealthEd 

Q8: How do you assess a student’s mental health literacy? #SHAPEHealthEd

Panelists Bio:
Vicki Samiotakis
Health/PE/Adapted PE Teacher

I am currently in my third year of teaching.  I currently teach health, PE, and adapted PE at the middle school level. I've coached gymnastics and cheerleading as well as helped sponsored clubs that promote inclusion for students with and without disabilities. I also have taught fitness classes such as Zumba, strength training, Jillian Michaels Body Shred, and Mixxedfit. 

Kris Lundgren
Health Teacher at Joliet Central High School

Who is Kris Lundgren? I am a Father, Husband, Teacher, Coach, Speaker, National BMX Champion, and a Mental Health Advocate.  Being in education for over a decade, I have found a passion for motivating students to focus on positive mental wellness and how it correlates to every other aspect of their lives.

Sarah Chap
Health Educator, Spaulding High School (Barre, VT)

I am in my 10th year teaching health education and currently teach grades 9-12 at Spaulding High School. I have been recognized for my innovative and transformative use of technology in the classroom and was also named the 2018 Vermont Health Teacher of the Year from SHAPE-VT.  I recently earned my MEd from Southern New Hampshire University where I focused my action research on discovering how the skills-based health education approach affects student self-efficacy to take health-enhancing action.  


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