School-Based Employee Wellness

What is a school-based employee wellness program?
A comprehensive set of programs, policies, benefits, and environmental supports that address various risk factors, including, but not limited to: Lack of physical activity, unhealthy dietary habits, stress management, and tobacco use (CDC, 2015).

Explore & utilize the information below to gain support to start or enhance your school-based employee wellness program today!





CDC Workplace Health Program Actionable information to launch or expand a workplace health promotion program
CDC School Health Index An online self-assessment and planning tool, including an Employee Wellness and Health Promotion module, that schools can use to improve their health and safety policies and programs
WellSAT 2.0 A Wellness School Assessment Tool to measure the quality of written wellness policies
Alliance for a Healthier Generation
Health Promotion Tools for Staff
Tools for assessing, planning, prioritizing and evaluating successes


Tools to Advocate for an Employee Wellness Program