Research Fellow Program

Fellow status is reserved for members who have made significant and sustained contributions to scholarship (research, creative, or scholarly activity) and related service in the areas of interest to SHAPE America. The purpose of Fellow status is to promote scholarship as an integral component of SHAPE America as well as to:

  • Recognize accomplishments in scholarship by SHAPE America members
  • Recognize and promote participation in the research activities of SHAPE America

Research Fellow Criteria and Nomination Materials

Applications will be due October 31.

Note - There are no limits on vita length

Research Fellows List 

If you are a Research Fellow of SHAPE America (RFSA) and have not recently updated your information in the Fellows on-line database, please review your information and send updates to: The database permits members to locate researchers, assists national, state and district SHAPE America organizations in finding speakers or experts for projects, and allows researchers to connect with other researchers on topics of common interest. The directory also assists in identifying potential committee members for the various yearly awards, honors and other projects pertaining to research.