Coaching Education Webinar Series
Coaching Education Webinar Series

We put together an all-star cast of speakers who will talk on hot-button issues in the coaching profession. The keynote speaker, Brian Hainline, spotlights the series with his discussion on concussions. Other speakers include: Rick Howard, Patrick McHenry, Valerie Wayda, Kristen Dieffenbach, Clete McLeod, Jennifer Beller, Sharon Stoll, Tim Graham, Linda Schoenstedt, Melissa Murray, and Lindsey Blom. Check out the webinar descriptions and see the titles below:

  • Understanding Head Injuries: Do Your Students and Athletes Know Enough?
  • Exercise & Daily Minutes
  • Justifying Sports Programs
  • What to learn from the Current Ethics Scandals in Sport
  • Positive Conditioning Strategies
  • Rethink Recovery with Lowfat Chocolate Milk: Nature’s Recovery Drink
  • Selecting Support Staff: Making the Best Hire
  • The Sport Parent: THEIR Side of the Story
  • Can PE and Coaching Coexist?

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