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February 19, 2020


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Social & Emotional Learning Tools

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a crucial part of an educational environment where students feel safe and confident to explore, grow, and succeed. Discover our selection of tools, resources, and blog articles to support SEL in the physical education and health setting to help students thrive.

SHAPE America

Did you know February 16-23 is Random Acts of Kindness week? It’s the perfect time to learn more about SHAPE America’s health. moves. minds.® program — or even incorporate kindness lessons in your classroom and throughout the school! .



Online Physical Education

Choose an accredited online M.A.Ed. in Physical Education Master Teacher. This program offers well-rounded expertise from faculty focused on enhancing your curriculum, professional connections that build your network, and advocacy opportunities that encourage active engagement of all students.

SHAPE America

Workplace wellness programs have been widely implemented to promote employee health outcomes and reduce health costs. In this article from the January/February issue of American Journal of Health Education, researchers identify the most effective designs of workplace wellness programs resulting in positive employee health outcomes. 

Call for Submissions
Youth Basketball Curriculum for PE

SHAPE America

SHAPE America is pleased to announce that Dr. Adolph Brown, social justice advocate and career teacher educator, will be the keynote presenter during the convention’s closing general session. Using evidence-informed practice combined with available research and his vast experience as a veteran educator, Brown will address best practices in the classroom and beyond for K-14 and higher education. The closing general session is sponsored by Gopher, SPARK, and Wellness Training Specialists


Become a Leader in Athletics

Advance your career in athletics with Fairleigh Dickinson University’s (FDU) 18-credit fully online High School Athletic Director certificate. The certificate can be completed as an individual credential or as part of FDU’s Master of Sports Administration, a theory & practice-based graduate degree helping to transform busy professionals into dynamic leaders.


SHAPE America

One of the highlights of the SHAPE America National Convention each year is the Distinguished Lecture Series, which celebrates scholars who have made outstanding contributions to the profession through research. This year’s lecturers include Darla Castelli, Kim Graber, Charles Hillman, and Hans van der Mars. 



Teacher of the Year Program



Northern Public Radio

What’s the vision you have in your head of PE class? Hoping not to get picked last in dodgeball? Are you climbing a rope? That’s what physical education was for a lot of people. But now, in many schools, technology is crafting the next generation of physical education while teachers focus more on mental health than getting fit. 


The Joplin Globe

The phrase “kindness is contagious” is clearly evident in Carl Junction schools, where staff and students have incorporated random acts of kindness into their daily routines in an effort to make their peers feel valued and accepted. Friendliness has flooded the halls of Carl Junction’s intermediate and junior high schools since two student-led organizations have implemented different kindness initiatives in their buildings. 


AZ Big Media

Now more than ever, schools are promoting the importance of a healthy balance between academic work and physical exercise. One of the most significant steps schools have taken in this vein is through a renewed emphasis on physical education in the curriculum. Joyous Montessori is one such example. This school understands that for students to reach their full potential, they must have their emotional, social, and physical needs met. 


Physical Best



Science Daily

A new review of the importance of nature play could transform children's play spaces, supporting investment in city and urban parks while also delivering important opportunities for children's physical, social and emotional development. The systematic review explored the impacts of nature play on the health and development of children ages 2-12, finding that nature play improved children's complex thinking skills, social skills and creativity. 


Arizona Daily Sun

Forehead scrunched and cheeks flushed, but a smile spread across her face, 10-year-old Addy Sullivan methodically did side steps in the weight room at Sinagua Middle School with an elastic band stretched across her ankles, an exercise meant to strengthen the hips. Then she hurried to the next station, where she did exaggerated “knee-highs” and “butt kicks.” 



A new study has some good news: even light exercise may help protect children against developing depression. The study, published recently in the journal Lancet Psychiatry, found that 60 minutes of simple movement each day at age 12 was linked to an average 10% reduction in depression at age 18. 

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