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October 17, 2018







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Understanding technology and its use in the classroom can be one of the most confusing subjects out there for teachers. How do you determine what is appropriate and what will build skills in your students?

Whether you seek guidance from colleagues, news stories or other sources, it can be difficult to differentiate fact from rumor.


Engage students with disabilities in all of your classes with the. Includes expert-selected products specifically designed to enable success and the SPARK Inclusive PE Guidebook that provides skill adaptations, lesson modifications, sample lessons, and instructional strategies for 12 disability categories. Save 35% with promo code.

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SHAPE America

Gopher Sport and SHAPE America recently announced a partnership to plan, market and implement the Big Feats for SHAPE America Virtual Race, which will engage students, parents, teachers, and the community at-large in a 10-week physical activity challenge beginning on October 22 and culminating on December 31.

Eighty percent of all funds raised through race registrations and donations will be allocated to 10 schools in high-need areas across the country (selected through the SHAPE America Impact Schools Grant Program). !


Earn a Master's degree in Physical Education from an accredited and affordable university. The University of Nebraska at Kearney is a top choice when it comes to graduate education programs by U.S. News & World Report. Receive the same on-campus degree completely online.

SHAPE America

Classroom management is often a big concern for beginning teachers. These teachers must develop strategies that help create an environment that is positive and conducive to learning. This open-access article from JOPERD, Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, includes classroom management strategies for beginning teachers, including equipment protocols, classroom procedures, routines, and how to deal with inappropriate behaviors.

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SHAPE America

Sudden cardiac arrest is the No. 1 killer of student athletes and the leading cause of death on school campuses, but most schools are underprepared to respond to a cardiac emergency. SHAPE America and Parent Heart Watch have partnered to help schools create and implement a Cardiac Emergency Response Plan (CERP) — and possibly earn an automated external defibrillator! Application Deadline: October 23.



With the carbohydrate, potassium and energy they need, it’s no wonder athletes everywhere are choosing potatoes to perform at their best. Carbohydrate is the primary fuel for your brain and a key source of energy for muscles. Potassium is an important electrolyte that aids in muscle, cardiovascular and nervous system function. Finally, adequate energy intake supports optimal body functions. With so many potato varieties and forms available, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of potatoes at any time of day, every day of the week.

SHAPE America

A draft of the recently revised National Standards for Sport Coaches is available for public review and comment through October 23. These standards provide direction for coach educators and developers, sport administrators, coaches, athletes and their families, and the public regarding the core responsibilities that coaches should possess along with the supporting task-related competencies.


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The from the play2PREVENT Lab at the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games is a highly interactive narrative-based videogame app in which players "travel" through life, facing the range of challenges that young teens face with a dedicated focus on youth decision-making about smoking and tobacco use and includes strategies for both smoking prevention and cessation. A three-year, $1.4 million grant from the CVS Health Foundation is helping to enhance and scale current pilot programs to reach more students across the country.

White Mountain Independent

Parents lining up to pick up students at the end of a busy school day are often surprised to see students peddling mountain bikes around the schoolyard, shouting encouraging words to each other. Parents and passers-by might be wondering how bicycling fits into a school curriculum and how Blue Ridge Junior High School in Lakeside, AZ, obtained a fleet of brand-new mountain bikes.

Baltimore Business Journal

To accommodate the growth of one of its largest majors, McDaniel College recently renovated the school's Gill Center to provide new labs, workspaces and offices to students and faculty in its kinesiology program. Now, after 10 months of construction the new center includes three updated laboratories, a seminar room, nine faculty offices and several multipurpose classrooms.

The New York Times

We’ve all seen news stories about schools attempting to grapple with gender identity issues in children and adolescents, from name changes to restroom policies. In many cases, educators have found themselves making it up as they go along in trying to serve these children — and so has the medical system. This month, the American Academy of Pediatrics put out its first policy statement to guide people providing medical care for children and adolescents who are transgender or questioning their gender identity.


The US Food and Drug Administration pressed forward with its investigation of e-cigarette companies Friday, sending letters to 21 companies in an effort to uncover whether they are marketing products illegally and outside the agency's compliance policy. This latest phase of the investigation addresses more than 40 e-cigarette products and is part of the agency's ongoing efforts to combat e-cigarette use among youth.

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A new study adds to earlier evidence that getting vaccinated against the human papillomavirus (HPV) does not lead girls to be less careful about sex. HPV is transmitted during sexual activity. When the Canadian province of British Columbia opted to vaccinate all teenage girls against HPV, some parents were concerned this would lead to more kids engaging in risky sexual behaviors. But vaccinated girls may actually be less likely to start sex younger, less likely to have more sexual partners, and less likely to ignore safe-sex methods, the new study suggests.

BBC News

Many of us associate the sea with feeling happy, relaxed and switching off from life's stress. But there's growing belief that being near, on, in, or under water has a far more powerful impact on our mental and physical health than we might realize. The "Blue Mind" ethos, which is the subject of growing European research, is being championed by Californian biologist and researcher Wallace J Nichols.

SGB Media

Second only to football, soccer players face one of the highest risks of sustaining traumatic brain injuries. In Cincinnati, OH, a study has been underway with boys using a device called the Q-collar, an experimental neck device designed to put specific pressure on the jugular vein or a small kink in the “hose” of the blood as it leaves the brain so the brain is less likely to move when exposed to a head impact. Now, researchers are expanding the study to include girls who play soccer.


In trying to navigate today’s youth sports scene, any guidance helps. That’s why a new tool released Thursday by the Aspen Institute’s Sports & Society Program, called the Healthy Sport Index, couldn’t be more timely. The handy website allows families to weigh three factors in deciding what sport makes the most sense: safety, physical activity and the sport’s psychosocial benefits. The index then provides a customized ranking of 10 sports, based on where a child lands on a sliding scale of “low emphasis” to “high emphasis” for each of the three factors.

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