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April 17, 2019







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There is limited research to explain students’ responses to specific motivational climates in sport; however, a review of related literature suggests that the volume of positive sporting behaviors is linked to the task or ego-oriented motivational climate created by the instructor. Hence, the physical educator or coach plays a large role in the intended socialization of their students.


from the April 2019 issue of JOPERD to learn about the importance of developing and maintaining a task-mastery motivational climate, including the use of a tool to assess the presence of positive sporting behaviors.


SEL Learning Tools

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a crucial part of an educational environment where students feel safe and confident to explore, grow, and succeed. Discover our selection of tools, resources, and blog articles to support SEL in the physical education and health setting to help students thrive.

SHAPE America

At the national convention in Tampa, SHAPE America released the latest edition of its popular book for physical education teachers, . The book is the go-to text for teaching fitness education in our schools and improving the health of students. In her recent blog post, Physical Best Editor Jackie Conkle shares what makes this new edition a must-have resource!


Earn a Master's degree in Physical Education from an accredited and affordable university. The University of Nebraska at Kearney is a top choice when it comes to graduate education programs by U.S. News & World Report. Receive the same on-campus degree completely online.

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Research indicates that increased exercise behaviors — collectively called FIT (frequency, intensity and time) values — equate with positive health outcomes. A recent study examined whether wearable exercise technology is associated with increased exercise and FIT values among university students. Download this free access article from the March/April issue of the American Journal of Health Education (AJHE) to learn how wearable exercise technology has the potential to help students increase exercise and decrease risks of obesity and chronic disease.

Your Body Is Power
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Apply for a free NFL FLAG-In-Schools Kit — great for PE class as well as in before- and after-school programs! Schools are eligible even if they’ve received a kit in the past. The kits, valued at $375, are a fun and engaging way for kids to get active as a team!




With demanding training regimens, athletes are in constant need of carbohydrate. In fact, athletes need about 1 gram of carbohydrate per minute of endurance exercise,. To get the necessary nutrients – like carbohydrate, meal prep is an increasingly popular solution for athletes. It’s quick and easy to prepare batch amounts of meal components for easy meal assembly and enjoyment all week-long. “Without question, potatoes are my favorite—and my athletes’ favorite—base for meal prep,” says Allen Tran, MS, RD, CSSD, high-performance dietitian and chef for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard teams. That’s because potatoes contain the carbohydrate, potassium and energy athletes need to perform at their best. Tran shows athletes of all kinds how to meal prep like a pro with his newly released five-part video series, “Meal Prep with Potatoes!”

SHAPE America

SHAPE America's National Teacher of the Year award recipients represent the "best of the best" in adapted physical education, dance education, health education, and physical education. Find out who was named a 2019 National Teacher of the Year at #SHAPETampa!


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The from the play2PREVENT Lab at the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games is a highly interactive narrative-based videogame app in which players "travel" through life, facing the range of challenges that young teens face with a dedicated focus on youth decision-making about smoking and tobacco use and includes strategies for both smoking prevention and cessation. A three-year, $1.4 million grant from the CVS Health Foundation is helping to enhance and scale current pilot programs to reach more students across the country.

The Epoch Times

Practices of mindfulness are increasingly being recognized by science today for their mental benefits. Whether it be soldiers dealing with PTSD, treating mental illness, or dealing with troublesome students in a class, we are now realizing their benefits. Today, mindfulness advocates are bringing some of these ancient techniques into schools in America. Some are dealing with student misbehavior by adopting such approaches rather than sending students to stand in the hall.

Education Dive

With recent research highlighting the benefits of social and emotional development in preparing students for the workforce, experts at the 2019 Reagan Institute Summit on Education (RISE) discussed the implementation and measurement of whole-child educational competencies in schools.

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The News-Dispatch

“Compassion and empathy is a learned skill and, once learned and used, spreads to others resulting in a community of mutual compassion.” Those are the words of Coolspring Elementary School teacher Liz Gast explaining the school’s new social and emotional learning (SEL) program. According to Coolspring Principal Kim Palmer, SEL can be broken down into five parts: self-awareness; self-management; social awareness; relationship skills; and responsible decision-making, including problem solving and personal responsibility.

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Teenagers today have never known a world without the internet. According to a study by Common Sense Media, they spend an average of nine hours a day online. Unlike their parents and grandparents, they are growing up sharing their lives on social media. That has many worried about their development, communication, social skills and long-term happiness.

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