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SHAPE America 2022 Back to School Summit

May 25, 2022




Azusa Pacific University



Momentum Magazine Cover - Spring 2022 Issue


Don’t miss all the great content in the latest issue of Momentum, including:


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SHAPE America

Comprehensive school physical activity programs (CSPAPs) aim to increase students’ physical activity opportunities across the entire school day. Home fun (formally known as homework) is an underutilized strategy that can address multiple CSPAP components. This article from the May/June issue of Strategies provides a definition of “home fun,” applications to address interdisciplinary goals, and guiding principles for creating effective home fun tasks. 




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SHAPE America

Join us on May 26 for “” and on June 9 for “” — just two of our upcoming “By You, For You” (BYFY) webinars. These webinars are held at 5 p.m. ET and are FREE for SHAPE America members (just $19.96 for non-members). 



Action Packed Games from Gopher


Encourage teamwork and creativity with unique and engaging activities that keep your entire class moving! These team games are action packed, teacher friendly, and align with SHAPE America National Standards for Physical Education. Choose from over 50 ACTION! Team Games, available only from Gopher, to motivate and inspire your students today!


SHAPE America

SHAPE America is pleased to announce that it has received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the National Initiative to Advance Health Equity in K-12 Education. This project will engage school administrators as champions to advance healthy schools through equitable and inclusive programs, policies, and practices that support the implementation of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model. 




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SHAPE America

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Title IX, we’ll be sharing the stories of our members who were impacted by this landmark legislation — as student-athletes, coaches, athletic directors, K-12 physical education teachers, and college/university professors. The first two articles in this blog series — “" and "” — are now available. 


University of Alabama Nutrition Degree


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Peer to Peer


Health and physical educators across the country are sharing ideas, resources and more!


Check out the latest video on our :

What's Your Title IX Story - SHAPE America

News Around the Nation


Evidence abounds that children and teens are more successful when they have warm, caring relationships with educators and peers; instruction in building important life skills; and a sense of belonging in school. Again, this isn’t a liberal or conservative opinion to argue, it's an objective, research-based fact. Above all else, these ideas are not part of some new ideology. They’re common sense. 


K-12 Dive

All but one of the witnesses at the House Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Subcommittee hearing of the Oversight and Reform Committee expressed alarm that increased efforts to prohibit classroom discussions about race and LGBTQ issues undermine public education. Efforts to prohibit these conversations throw up barriers to inclusive schools, said Willie Carver, a teacher at Montgomery County High School in Mount Sterling, Kentucky. 


Medical Xpress

Many young people spend much of their time using digital screens, which may reduce their engagement in physical activity. But children have always been sedentary during most of their awake time. In this study, published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, researchers conducted a carefully designed randomized controlled trial to determine whether children's use of screen media devices truly affects their engagement in physical activity or if screen time is just replacing other sedentary behaviors. 


School News Network

Sparta High School’s strength and conditioning program, led by coach Michael Graham, was one of just 39 from across the country to earn the title of Program of Excellence from the National High School Strength Coaches Association. Graham, who teaches PE and health in addition to strength and conditioning, said about half of the students he has in a class are athletes, while the other half are taking the class just for credit. 


Reach Every Athlete Coaching Book Cover


SHAPE America's latest text, geared to undergraduate and graduate PETE students and in-service teachers, includes eight case studies of situations that expose racism, disparities, and other issues affecting Black students’ well-being, self-worth, and healthy experiences in PE, as well as reflective activities, resources, lesson considerations, and definitions.


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