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November 13, 2019


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Jr NBA Curriculum

Today is World Kindness Day — the perfect day to  and digital kindness graphics!


And, you won’t want to miss , who shares how her middle school students are spreading an uplifting message of kindness and empowerment throughout their school and community: "Make Every Day World Kindness Day With health. moves. minds.™" 


Social & Emotional Learning Tools

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a crucial part of an educational environment where students feel safe and confident to explore, grow, and succeed. Discover our selection of tools, resources, and blog articles to support SEL in the physical education and health setting to help students thrive.

SHAPE America

This article includes four integrated activity templates designed to help teachers connect any physical education content with any classroom content: 1) If – Then; 2) Knowledge Tag; 3) Out and Back; and 4) Dice Roll and Solve. You’ll find descriptions of each activity template along with examples. Through meaningful integration, students can improve their performance across all school subjects while physical education teachers can improve their status within the school. 



Online Physical Education

The M.A.Ed. in Physical Education Master Teacher is an online graduate program designed to help K-12 physical education teachers enhance their instructional effectiveness. Students can choose from emphases in pedagogy or special populations to help enhance their physical fitness classroom.

SHAPE America

SHAPE America’s 13th annual SPEAK Out! Day will be held March 10-11, 2020, in Washington, DC. Join us as we head to Capitol Hill to advocate for funding for health and physical education programs — as well as professional development for HPE teachers! For a first-hand account of last year’s SPEAK Out! Day, read this blog post by SHAPE America member Dennis Docheff, "." Travel scholarships are available for this year’s event. 

Teach NFL Flag-In-Schools
Youth Basketball Curriculum for PE

SHAPE America

The SHAPE America Major of the Year award celebrates outstanding undergraduate students in the fields of health, physical education, recreation and dance. Faculty advisors/professors are encouraged to nominate one outstanding student per major per college/university (submissions are due by January 12, 2020). Nominees must be in their junior or senior year with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. 



Guest author Kyle Bragg shares how he uses SHAPE America’s , which embeds CASEL’s SEL Core Competencies into SHAPE America’s National Standards for K-12 Physical Education.

Have you ever been stunned when your best student acts out of character with inappropriate words or actions? When was the last time a student seemingly lost control and did something impulsive that hurt someone else physically or emotionally? Unfortunately, these types of incidents are becoming more and more prevalent in classrooms across the country. It’s time to integrate social and emotional learning in PE — and throughout the school day. 


SHAPE America

The elimination of opportunities to be physically active throughout the school day increases as youth become adolescents, and adolescents become adults. However, when it comes to faith-based schools, reports on physical activity are few and far between. Opportunities to be physically active in a religious school setting are abundant — especially as it relates to Christianity and the six-week Lenten period leading up to Easter. 





Oklahoma State Department of Education

The center of Maryetta Public School reverberates with cheering and splashing as children swim a relay race in the indoor pool. Every Thursday during her physical education class, Harlie Smith hopes for a turn at the diving board. This is her happy place. “I’m not as bored after recess or PE, so I pay more attention in class instead of being tired. It makes being in class more fun,” the seventh-grader said. Maryetta Public Schools, a small district in Stilwell, OK, is a leader in offering healthy opportunities to its students. 


Inside Science

A panel of experts studying past research on the risk of concussion in youth contact sports concluded that for most sports, including football and soccer, there is no clear evidence to indicate an age at which kids should begin activities associated with potential brain injury risks, such as tackling in football and heading the ball in soccer. The team of 13 researchers published their report recently in the journal JAMA Pediatrics


Tallahassee Reports

According to an annual report from the Sport & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), fewer and fewer kids are playing youth sports. The percentage of children from ages 6 to 12 who played a team or individual sport at least one day during the year has decreased from 73% to 69.1% from 2011 to 2017. The biggest drop off seems to be the percentage of children playing team sports on a regular basis. 


Physical Best



World Health Organization

Engaging with the arts can be beneficial for both mental and physical health. This is a key conclusion of a new report from the WHO Regional Office for Europe analyzing the evidence from over 900 global publications – the most comprehensive review of evidence on arts and health to date. “Bringing art into people’s lives through activities including dancing, singing, and going to museums and concerts offers an added dimension to how we can improve physical and mental health,” says Dr Piroska Östlin, WHO Regional Director for Europe. 



Innovation in the education sector takes place in 132,000 separate localities and necessitates changes in the interrelated parts that make up the core design of schools. In this piece we would like to showcase examples of education innovation from some of these localities — schools and school systems whose leaders are structuring their institutions in innovative ways and are tackling the core design of school itself to better and more equitably serve the needs of students. 


Education Dive

Bill Casey, chair of the Physical Education Department at Illinois' Neuqua Valley High School, one of the 20 schools to pilot SHAPE America’s health. moves. minds.™ program, says integrating SEL in physical education has prompted students to advocate for their own mental health and the emotional well-being of their peers. "We’ve had several students reach out to teachers to share their mental health struggles and ask for help," Casey said. 


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