SHAPE America Standing Committees

SHAPE America bylaws identify guidelines for standing and special committees. Standing Committees perform continuing functions and are governed by operating codes. Special Committees include president's committees, ad hoc committees, and joint committees. They are appointed as the need arises, to carry out specified tasks. SHAPE America specifies four standing committees:

Audit Committee
Provides oversight of the integrity of financial information, reviews the system of Alliance internal controls, and monitors the audit process
Executive Committee
Assists the Board of Directors in its oversight responsibilities by exercising the full powers and authority of the Board in the management of the business of the Association between regular Board meetings.
Finance Committee
Advises the Board of Directors on all financial matters; reviews, evaluates, and finalizes a balanced budget for consideration by the Board.
Nominations Committee
Identifies individuals who are qualified to serve as president-elect of SHAPE America and for members of the Board of Directors; selects two individuals to run for each office. More information>>