Save Lives With a Cardiac Emergency Response Plan

SHAPE America, with a team of national organizations, has developed a new Cardiac Emergency Response Plan (CERP) that establishes specific steps to take during a cardiac emergency in a school setting. A CERP has been proven to save lives in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

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Policy in Brief - Cardiac Emergency Response Planning for Schools

Overview Materials
What is included in a CERP and why is it important to have a plan in place? Who should be on the team? What do parents needs to know? The following documents introduce CERP to school leaders and parents:
School Implementation Resources
These materials provide a blueprint for implementing a CERP:
Below is the CERP, along with drills and a team roster to customize:
Evaluating Materials
In the event a cardiac emergency happens at your school, use these resources to review what took place and make changes if necessary:
Other Resources
Below you'll find additional resources and a list of the 2015 National Task Force member organizations that contributed to the development of the Cardiac Emergency Response Plan:

The Cardiac Emergency Response Plan template and implementation resources are free for any school to download and can also be found here.