The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) identifies school health and physical education (HPE) as part of a student’s well-rounded education, giving every HPE teacher an opportunity to elevate their program and gain support from their school and local community. ESSA requires broad stakeholder engagement in order to implement comprehensive and effective state and school district plans. Key contacts and stakeholder groups from your state are listed below. 

Key Contacts
SHAPE Utah - state association for HPE
Troy Nordick, Dept of Ed HPE Specialist, 801-538-7648
Sarah Roundy, Dept of Health PA Specialist, 801-538-9454

Utah State Board of Education
ESSA Information 
Utah State Board of Education
State Board of Education, Physical Education

Education Stakeholders
Chief State School Officer
Utah PTA
Utah School Boards
Utah Elementary School Principals
Utah Secondary School Principals
Governor Gary Herbert

UPDATED 5/09/2018
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