State School Health Policy Matrix 2.0 (2015)

As leaders across the country seek to improve student health, there is a growing need for tools to help navigate the complex world of school health policy. The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD), along with the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) and SHAPE America have worked together to develop an updated guide to state-level school health policies for the following topics:Matrix_II_Front_Page

  • competitive foods and beverages
  • physical education
  • physical activity
  • administration of medication in the school environment

The State School Health Policy Matrix 2.0 outlines relevant state-level policies for each of these areas, including a direct link to the policy. It also it indicates which political entity or agency adopted the policy or issued guidance, helping to an­swer the question – Who has historically had the authority to make policy changes in the areas of competitive foods and beverages, physical education and physical activity, and administration of medication in each state?

Webinar: Keys to Understanding State Level School Health Policies

Learn more about how school health policy works at the state level and how this innovative new resource, the State School Health Policy Matrix, can assist in school health policy development and evaluation. Come away with a better understanding of what policies are in place in each state and how they were adopted.

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