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Member Journals
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(RQES) Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
Top 10 Research Questions Related to Teaching Games for Understanding
Daniel Memmert, Len Almond, David Bunker, et al.

(AJHE) American Journal of Health Education
A Qualitative Phenomenological Exploration of Teachers’ Experience With Nutrition Education
Elisha Hall, Weiwen Chai, and Julie A. Albrecht

(JOPERD) Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance
Negative Experiences in Physical Education and Sport: How Much Do They Affect Physical Activity Participation Later in Life?
Bradley J. Cardinal , Zi Yan & Marita K. Cardinal

(Strategies) A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators
Applying Social Cognitive Theory in Coaching Athletes: The Power of Positive Role Models
Graeme J. Connolly



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‘It’s Not Gym, It’s Physical Education’: Wisconsin School Transforms PE Class
WUWM-FM: In your PE class, you probably played badminton or pickleball; maybe the prospect of the dodgeball unit sent shivers up your spine. Nowadays, your standard PE class experience is changing in a handful of schools around the Milwaukee area. Several educators are working to transform physical education to give kids the tools to maintain their health throughout their lives.

PE: It’s Not Just Traditional Sports Anymore
The Maui News: Matthew Snyder of Maui Waena Intermediate School is among a growing number of physical education teachers statewide who have changed how middle schools think about physical fitness and wellness by incorporating yoga, dancing and skateboarding. Over the past few years, the longtime teacher added another alternative exercise: the healing technique Reiki.

How to Avoid Burnout in Youth Sports
The New York Times: The concept of free play among children has yielded to adult-controlled games and hopes for glory among many of today's parents. The way youth sport is promoted in many parts of the country these days can be anything but good for the children who engage in them, according to leading experts who described their findings at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Today, adults are most often the organizers and enforcers of youth sports, and too often they get in the way of their children's best interests, these experts say.

‘Mental Health Mondays’ Change Student Body at Tennessee High School
WBIR-TV: Tennessee's Central High School is tackling mental health with a proactive approach. Each week, all 1,100 students take part in "Mental Health Monday." The program launched last fall. It focuses on everything from bullying and toxic relationships, to eating disorders and more.

Parents, It’s Time We Have a Talk About Dodgeball
Romper: The other night at the dinner table it was clear that my daughter was upset. When I asked what was bothering her she shared that she had been hurt during physical education (PE) class. As a result, she said she never wanted to go back. PE was her favorite class, though, so I pressed her for more details. That's when she told me that they had played dodgeball, and I instantly knew what had happened. So, parents, I think it's time we have a talk about dodgeball...
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  • NFL Flag Football Course

  • Seizing ESSA’s New $1.1 Billion Opportunity

  • Mastering Single Rope Skills

  • Understanding and Using Physical Education Content to Teach Children Effectively in K-12 Physical Education

  • Standards Based Grading in Physical Education