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Our four member journals publish over 150 articles in any given volume year. These were the most downloaded in 2019.


(AJHE) American Journal of Health Education
The Motivational Impact of Wearable Healthy Lifestyle Technologies: A Self-determination Perspective on Fitbits With Adolescents
Charlotte Kerner & Victoria A. Goodyear

(JOPERD) Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance
Grading in Physical Education
Alisa R. James

(Strategies) A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators
LET US Play: Maximizing Physical Activity in Physical Education
R. Glenn Weaver, Collin Webster & Michael W. Beets

(RQES) Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
College Students' Physical Activity and Health-Related Quality of Life: An Achievement Goal Perspective
Tao Zhang, Ping Xiang, Xiangli Gu & Melanie Rose


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Mindfulness Calendar from health. moves. minds.™


Elementary Poster: National Standards for K-12 Physical Education


Jr. NBA Physical Education Curriculum (Grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8)


Health Education Youth Empowerment Series


Crosswalk for SHAPE America National Standards & CASEL SEL Core Competencies

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These High School Sports Have Highest Concussion Rates
CNN: When it comes to concussions in high school sports, there is good news and bad news, a new study suggests. The rates of football practice concussions and recurrent concussions across all sports have gone down in recent years, according to the study, published in the journal Pediatrics on Tuesday. The bad news: Concussion rates increased in football games. The study found trends in concussion rates not only for football but also more than a dozen other sports, including soccer, ice hockey and cheerleading — which were among the sports with the most concussion incidence.

Vaping 101: What to Know About E-Cigs, Addiction and Illnesses
NBC News: Hundreds of mysterious illnesses and several deaths linked to vaping have revealed to health officials, doctors and researchers how little they know about what these chemicals do to the lungs. As director of the Adolescent Substance Use and Addiction program at Boston Children's Hospital, Dr. Sharon Levy has seen the effects of vaping on teens firsthand. In her clinic, she's helped treat patients whose lives are falling apart, all because of vaping. Vaping doesn't necessarily refer to a single substance. The health effects run the gamut from addiction to severe respiratory illnesses.

Teen Vaping Study Reveals How Schools Influence E-Cigarette Use, Outlines Prevention Strategies
Medical Xpress: "In just one year, from 2017 to 2018, the number of high school students using e-cigarettes nearly doubled," said Adam Lippert, Ph.D., assistant professor at the University of Colorado Denver. In a new study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Lippert and his co-authors examined data from 65,000 middle and high school students to learn how environmental, social and cultural factors spurred the uptick. Schools emerged as critical contexts that shape youth health-related behavior.

Why PE Should Be Required From Kindergarten to  College
Luminate: Any parent of a fidgety kid knows that forcing a student to sit in a classroom several hours a day with little or no physical activity is a recipe for poor academic performance and lots of notes home from the principal. Our youngest son endured a K-12 education in which recess was rare and PE largely nonexistent. “No kid ever wants to sit still for five minutes,” he says now, weeks away from high school graduation. “Let alone seven hours.” Science is on his side.

The Profound Effects of Exercise on the Brain: A Conversation With Dr. John Ratey
Big Think: Dr. John Ratey's 2008 book, Spark, investigated the many important effects that exercise has on mental health. And, while physical fitness is essential to good health, moving in a variety of ways is even more important. In this interview, Ratey discusses the junction of physical and mental health, barefoot running, why schools need to implement PE as part of their educational curriculum, and the role of play in fitness.
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