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Save Lives With a Cardiac Emergency Response Plan

SHAPE America, with a team of national organizations, has developed a new Cardiac Emergency Response Plan (CERP) that establishes specific steps to take during a cardiac emergency in a school setting. A CERP has been proven to save lives in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

Get Charged Up! and learn more about CERPs and AEDs.

Share these materials with your school leaders and parents.

Why every school should have a CERP. Download American Heart Association's Policy in Brief.

Overview Materials
What is included in a CERP and why is it important to have a plan in place? Who should be on the team? What do parents needs to know? The following documents introduce CERP to school leaders and parents:
School Implementation Resources
These materials provide a blueprint for implementing a CERP:
Below is the CERP, along with drills and a team roster to customize:
Evaluating Materials
In the event a cardiac emergency happens at your school, use these resources to review what took place and make changes if necessary:
Other Resources
Below you'll find additional resources and a list of the 2015 National Task Force member organizations that contributed to the development of the Cardiac Emergency Response Plan:

The Cardiac Emergency Response Plan template and implementation resources are free for any school to download and can also be found by visiting the American Heart Association.

CPR Training in Schools

Educate students and staff on CPR!

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