National Physical Education and Sport Week

Celebrating effective physical education and sport programs in schools around the nation.

A feat is an exemplary, even bold achievement, often an act of great courage or skill.

Every day, SHAPE America members do all they can to prepare students to live their best life. They are the leaders, go-getters and everyday heroes whose exceptional feats inspire others to give their all.

That’s why this month — and in the months ahead — we will be highlighting our members’ individual “feats” of accomplishment. By learning from one another, the entire profession will thrive — and your voice matters.

How can you participate?
1. Download new activities to use in your classroom.
2. Get inspired by success stories from the profession.
3. Share #BigFeats with the world on social media
4.Sign up to be a SHAPE America advocate for active and healthy students!

In the past year, we have secured big wins for health, physical education and physical activity programs around the nation. We are grateful to our members, donors, volunteers and advocates.
Together we are a LOUD VOICE:

  • Working at the state and federal level to ensure health and physical education is recognized as part of a well-rounded education;
  • Leading advocacy efforts that resulted in $1.1 billion in Title IV, Part A, ESSA funding;
  • Securing funding for school health, physical education and physical activity programs.


About Our Theme

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little “extra,” and SHAPE America members are extraordinary.

To them, we say thank you for your professional dedication, your commitment to the health and well-being of our nation’s students, and for your support of SHAPE America. We look forward to serving you for years to come. 

SHAPE America is proud to be your professional association.
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About SHAPE America

SHAPE America is the nation's largest association of health and physical educators, representing 200,000+ members, donors, volunteers and advocates.

For nearly 14 decades, SHAPE America has set the standard for effective instruction and been the leading provider of resources serving the needs of health and physical educators and advancing professional practice. Together with our 50 state affiliates -- our work directly impacts 50+ million students by helping them be strong in school and in life.