National Physical Education and Sport Week

Creating a Kinder, Healthier Future for All Children

Across the country, today’s children and adolescents — at all grade levels — do not get enough physical activity, and are struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges. Understanding these challenges, promoting an active school environment, and teaching children how to cope with stress, bullying, and societal pressures can make all the difference.

Every day, dedicated health and physical education teachers are making a profound difference in the lives of their students. They are preparing them to thrive physically, emotionally and socially to lead healthy and active lives.

That’s why this month — and in the months ahead — we want to highlight the activities, teachers and programs that inspire healthy habits, fuel active minds, and teach kids to thrive.

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It’s time to change outdated perceptions of PE — to replace old memories with the new reality because health. moves. minds.


Looking for a cool idea for May Week?

Hold a school-wide celebration to promote living an active healthy lifestyle! Take part in Project Aces - the world's largest exercise class, May 1, a signature program of the Youth Fitness Coalition.

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About Our Theme

In 2019 SHAPE America piloted a new service-learning program designed to help teach all children how to cope with stress, bullying, and the societal pressures that can negatively affect their daily lives. In addition to education and service, this new program, called health. moves. minds., can also be used to raise funds for your school’s health and physical education program and initiatives.

SHAPE America is proud to be able to offer this opportunity to all schools this Fall. For more information, please sign up at
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About SHAPE America

SHAPE America is the nation's largest association of health and physical educators, representing 200,000+ members, donors, volunteers and advocates.

For nearly 14 decades, SHAPE America has set the standard for effective instruction and been the leading provider of resources serving the needs of health and physical educators and advancing professional practice. Together with our 50 state affiliates -- our work directly impacts 50+ million students by helping them be strong in school and in life.