National PE & Sport Week May 1 through 7 #MoveInMay

National Physical Education & Sport Week

National PE & Sport Week is a celebration of the importance of physical education and health education, in addition to kicking off National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.

Health and physical education is a critical component of a well-rounded education. It’s where students learn:

  • Fundamental motor skills needed to participate in physical activity, which is vital at all stages of life;
  • Critical personal and social skills needed to help manage daily tasks and challenges; and
  • Important character values such as resilience, fairness and respect.

If you are a health and physical education teacher — thanks for all you do!

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Celebrate National PE & Sport Week at Your School!

This week is a great time to advocate for your program by inviting parents, caregivers and school administrators to join one of your PE classes. They’ll see the standards-based skills your students are learning — and experience first-hand how PE has changed from what they might remember.

We know how important health and physical education is for students’ overall health and wellness, so let’s advocate and celebrate together this week!

Here’s how…

  • Download the Teacher’s Toolkit — new for 2024!
  • Invite parents, caregivers and school administrators to participate in a PE class during the week.
  • Educate class visitors about standards-based PE and how it benefits students.
  • Encourage students and families to get active at home, too!
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Get Started With Your 2024 Teacher’s Toolkit!

Are you ready to celebrate and advocate during National PE & Sport Week? Download our free Teacher’s Toolkit, which includes:

  • Sample Save the Date Flyer
  • Spirit Week Activity Calendars for grades K-5 and 6-12
  • Ready-to-Share Advocacy Flyers
  • Summer Activity Cards for grades K-5 and 6-12
Download Teacher’s Toolkit



Dive Into the New National Standards for Health and Physical Education

SHAPE America’s new National Physical Education Standards and National Health Education Standards (released in March 2024) provide a comprehensive framework for educators to deliver high-quality instruction and make a positive difference in the health and well-being of every student.

Download our free Educator Kits to learn what has changed in the new standards and get additional resources you can share with administrators, colleagues, parents, and the community! Each kit includes the standards, rationale, and indicators by grade span.

Share Your #MoveInMay Memories

Throughout National PE & Sport Week, we’ll be resharing photos and videos of HPE classes taking part in National PE & Sport Week activities.

So, share your memories on social media — and let us know which activities your students enjoyed!

  • Be sure to tag @SHAPE_America and use #MoveInMay.
  • Post anytime between May 1-7.
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Special PE & Sport Week Series of Unplugged!