Past Grantees

Over $600,000 in funding has been awarded to primary investigators' institutions through the SHAPE America Research Grant Program since its inception in 1997. The Graduate Student Grant category was also established in 2006. The following is a list of grant recipients and project titles. 

2020 Graduate Student Grant Recipient 

Christopher Kinder, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 

2019 Graduate Student Grant Recipient

Xiaoxia Zhang, University of Texas at Arlington
24-hour Movement Behavior and Mental Health among Depressed Female Students

2018 Research Grant Recipients

Yubing Wang, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Effects of a Concept-Based Physical Education Curriculum on Middle School Students’ After-School Physical Activity

Mika Manninen, University of Georgia
An Examination of the Effect of Need-Supportive Instruction in Physical Education – A Block Randomized Controlled Trial.

2017 Research Grant Awards

Ali Brian, The University of South Carolina
Developmental mechanisms supporting physical activity for children with visual impairments

Justin Haegele, Old Dominion University
Health-Related Wellness of Youth with Visual Impairments: Exploring Familial Impact

Luciana Braga, California State University – Chico
How I Move. Girls’ Movement Experiences in Their Daily Lives

Alan Chu, The University of North Texas
Can Empowering and Disempowering Climates Predict Student Athletes’ Health-Related Outcomes?

Jeffrey Colburn – The University of Texas
An Examination of the Effectiveness of Professional Development on Video Technology for Elementary Physical Education Teachers

Kimberly Clevenger, Michigan State University
Characterizing Preschoolers’ Physical Activity during the School Day

2016 Research Grant Awards

Jihoun An, East Carolina University
Cultivating Pre-Service Physical Educators as Inclusion Specialist via Situated Learning

Jihyun Lee, San Francisco State University
Developing Social Skills Of Children With Autism Using A Movement Based Program 

Jooyeon Jin, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Development of a Theory of Triadic Influence-based Physical Activity Questionnaire for Adolescents 

Jingwen Liu, University of Texas
Development and Validation of a Measure of Preservice Physical Education Teacher’s Professional Identity 

June Eun Lee, University of Minnesota
Children’s Physical Activity and Psychosocial Beliefs in Mobile Application-based Physical Education 

Kibum Cho, West Virginia University
Exploring Appalachian Guardians’ Opt-In and Out Decisions of Children School-Based Health Screenings 

Kim Rogers, Oregon State University 
Development and Validation of a Measure Assessing Physical Activity Shame 

Ryan Sacko, University of South Carolina
Metabolic Expenditure During Object Projection Skill Performance

2015 Research Grant Awards

Early Career Investigator Grants

Youngdeok Kim, Texas Tech University
"Wearable Technology into Physical Activity Instructional Program: A Cluster Randomized Trial in University Settings"

Jaimie McMullen, University of Limerick
"International Best Practices for Whole-of-School Physical Activity Program Implementation"

Graduate Student Grants

Jiling Liu, Texas A&M University
"Indicators and application of self-regulated learning among pre-service physical educators"

Zachary Pope, University of Minnesota
"Promoting Physical Activity through Smartphone Apps in Overweight/Obese College Students"

Jessyka Larson, University of Utah
"Fit 'n' Cool Kids: Children's Experiences and the Effects of Character Peer Modeling and Goal Setting on Children's Physical Activity and Fruit and Vegetable Consumption"

Victoria Shiver, University of Wyoming
"A multi-disciplinary after-school programs impact on at-risk youth self-efficacy"

Tan Zhang, University of North Carolina - Greensboro
"Understanding Physical Education Teacher Motivation in Relation to Job Resources and Demands"

Eric Pisciotta, University of Nebraska at Omaha
"Effects of Aging on the Regularity of Plantar Pressure Distributions"

Jill Pawlowski, Oregon State University
"Translation of Research to Practice for the Promotion of out of School Physical Activity"

2014 Research Grant Awards

Early Career Investigator Grants

Senlin Chen, Iowa State University
"The "SWITCH PE" Curriculum: Acceptability and Effectiveness in Upper Elementary Schools"

Xiangli Gu, University of North Texas
"Do Physically Literate Adolescents Have Better Academic Performance?"

Jennifer Krause, University of Northern Colorado
"Preparing 21st Century Educators: TPACK in Physical Education Teacher Education"

Zi Yan, Merrimack College

"A Peer Education Program to Promote Physical Activity Among Individuals with Minor Intellectual Disabilities"

Graduate Student Grants James Farnsworth, Middle Tennessee State University
"Validation of the Movement and Activity in Physical Space (MAPS) Scores as an Objective Measure of Function in Parkinson's Disease Patients"

Candace Hogue, University of Kansas
"Youth Physiological Stress Response to Motivational Climate in a PE Setting"

Andrew Pitchford, University of Michigan
"Cortisol Regulation in Adolescents with Down Syndrome"

Stephen Samendinger, Michigan State University
"Virtual Partner App to Boost Walk Motivation"

2013 Research Grants

Early Career Investigator Grants

Jason C. Bishop, Northern Michigan University
"Development and Validation of the Test of Perceived Motor Skills"

Timothy A. Brusseau, University of Utah
"Compendium of Physical Education Physical Activities"

Fredanna M'Cormack, Coastal Carolina University
"Pregnant and Lactating Women's Ability to Access Quality Maternal and Reproductive Care"

Sami Yli-Piipari, University of Memphis
"An Autonomy-Supportive Intervention on Physical Education Motivation and Physical Activity"

Tao Zhang, University of North Texas
"SocialEcological Analysis of Physical Activity and Health-related Quality of Life in Low-Income Hispanic Children"

Graduate Student Grants

Leslie J. Barnes, University of Florida
"Running Kinematics of the Thoraco-Lumbar Spine Across the Age Spectrum"

Tan Leng Goh, University of Utah
"Children's Physical Activity, Fitness and On-Task Behavior in Movement-Integrated Lessons"

2012 Research Grant Awards

Early Career Investigator Grants

Brian T. Gearity, The University of Southern Mississippi
"Discipline and Resistance of NCAA Division I Female Strength and Conditioning Coaches"

Jinmoo Heo, Indiana University-Indianapolis
"Investigating the Well-being of Physically Active Older Adults"

Erin Snook, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
"Development of an Instrument to Assess Barriers to Physical Activity in Multiple Sclerosis"

Graduate Student Grants

Erin Elizabeth Centeio, The University of Texas-Austin
"Director of Physical Activity Professional Development Outcomes"

Michalis Stylianou, Arizona State University
"Classroom Physical Activity, Physical Fitness, and Selective Attention in Preadolescent Children"

Shane Wurdeman, University of Nebraska-Omaha
"Nonlinear Gait Analysis in Amputees"

2011 Research Grant Awards

Early Career Investigator Grant

Birgitta Baker, Louisiana State University
"Balancing Community Parks' Potential to Facilitate Social Capital and Physical Activity"

Daniel C. Herman, University of Virginia
"A Comparison of Neuromuscular Characteristics between Recreational Athletes with Different Levels of Neurocognitive Performance"

Cindra S. Kamphoff, Minnesota State University-Mankato
"Females in Positions of Power with Interscholastic U.S. Sports"

Tucker Readdy, University of Wyoming
"Anti-Fat Bias of Pre-service Physical Education Teachers"

Graduate Student Grant

Jennifer M. Yentes, University of Nebraska at Omaha
"Mechanical Abnormalities in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease"