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Opioid Prevention Resources for Grades 6-12

March 3, 2021


Online M.S. in Physical Education

New Book Release


The Essentials of Teaching Health Education Cover

The Essentials of Teaching Health EducationSecond Edition, presents a skills-based approach to teaching K-12 health education that prepares students for success in the 21st century. It provides educators all they need to build, teach, and assess a health education program that will help their students become health literate, develop self-efficacy, and gain the 21st-century skills they need to maintain or improve health and well-being. 


Online M.S. In Leadership in PE and Sport


Online M.S. in Leadership in Physical Education and Sport graduate program students pay in-state tuition! Advance your content, pedagogical, and leadership knowledge for improved professional practice in physical education, coaching, and sport settings. Accepted students may begin fall, summer, or spring and typically graduate within five semesters. No GRE required.

SHAPE America

The March Mind & Body calendars are a great resource to send home with students or share through a link in a newsletter or email to parents. The calendars encourage students to stay physically active while working on aspects of mental wellness, too. Available for both elementary and secondary — in English and Spanish. 



Online Physical Education Graduate Program

The M.A.Ed. in Physical Education Master Teacher is an online graduate program designed to help K-12 physical education teachers enhance their instructional effectiveness. Students can choose from emphases in pedagogy or special populations to help enhance their physical fitness classroom.

SHAPE America

Physical education is one of many academic areas that has expanded into the creation and use of podcasts. However, there is little research about the influence of podcasts on PE. The purpose of this study was to understand the impact of listening to a podcast on undergraduate students’ learning of inclusion and integration within a PE setting. 




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SHAPE America

The 2021 SHAPE America Virtual National Convention will feature two new session types that facilitate small-group discussion.  are informal and unscripted networking conversations where you can discuss a specific topic with other health and physical educators, brainstorm ideas, and share solutions.  sessions feature expert panelists who will discuss a specific topic and answer key questions from attendees. There are lots of popular topics to choose from! 




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SHAPE America

By educating teens on developing healthy coping skills, you can set them up for success in dealing with stress and challenging circumstances and reduce their chances of exploring substance use as an alternative. Join us on March 11 at 6 p.m. ET for a sponsored webinar with the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) around the upcoming National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week. Learn about the new mental health activity which is mapped to National Health Education Standards. 





No matter where you are, school looks different this year.  (NDAFW) is a great opportunity to engage students in a dialogue about coping strategies to help build resilience in response to these challenging times. NDAFW highlights the science-based facts about how drugs and alcohol affect the brain and body.


NIDA's new  lesson, aligned to the National Health Education Standards, includes activities that teens can practice right away to enhance their emotional wellbeing. This short lesson is designed to be delivered virtually or can be adapted for in-person classes.


 for NDAFW March 22-28, 2021!

Peer to Peer


Health and physical educators across the country are sharing top-notch ideas, resources and more!

Check out the latest videos on our :

  • : Adapted Physical Education & School Reentry (Part 2)
  • Jennifer Perilla, principal of Tyler Elementary School in Gainesville, VA, talks about PE in her school, how they are navigating the pandemic, and why mindfulness is a focus at her school.

New episodes of the SHAPE America Podcast, hosted by Sean Nevills:

  • : Sean chats with Dr. Angela Glymph and high school senior Brandon Nguyen from Peer Health Exchange about the work they do, resources they have created, and why health equity is more important than ever.
  • : Physical educator LaDonda Porter joins Sean to talk about the history of Black History Month and to share some resources and book recommendations.

In this TeacherTalk video, health and physical educators share how to incorporate physical activity in your instruction, even during remote learning. This video features SHAPE America members and is moderated by Michelle Carter, director of educational content and programs for SHAPE America. 

Teacher of the Year Program

News Around the Nation


Active Schools

We’re making March all about PE — why it’s so important, how it’s made a difference during the pandemic, and how families can advocate for PE moving forward. Join Active Schools for #PEMovingForward, a social media campaign to celebrate PE! Follow along on Facebook and Twitter throughout the month — and join us on Monday, March 15 from 3-4 p.m. ET for a webinar featuring SHAPE America advocacy experts and three parents who have successfully advocated for PE. 


Catch News

The findings of recent research have suggested that people with developmental disabilities don't exercise as often as their typically developed peers. In an effort to close this disparity, a researcher at the University of Missouri recently created fitness picture books that help youth with autism exercise more frequently. The findings published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis also offer low-income families a simple resource for workout motivation when outdoor fitness equipment might not be accessible. 



Resiliency — the ability to bounce back from tough experiences — has been a buzzword during the pandemic as parents wonder how months of isolation, anxiety and boredom will impact their children in the long term. “Resiliency is a skill that can be learned, practiced and developed as kids grow,” says Allie Riley, who oversees programming and evaluation for Girls on the Run, a non-profit that helps girls develop social and emotional skills through physical activity. 


Medical Xpress

Physician Steven Shapiro chairs the pediatrics department at Abington Hospital … and a big chunk of his medical practice these days is devoted to mental health issues, far more than ever before. "Twenty percent of the calls I take now are to put kids on more medicine for panic attacks and anxiety," said Shapiro. "It's more than you could ever believe.” 


Psychology Today

As with many other physicians, recommending physical activity to patients was just a doctor chore for me — until a few years ago. That was because I myself was not very active. Over the years, as I picked up boxing and became more active, I got firsthand experience of positive impacts on my mind. I also started researching the effects of dance and movement therapies on trauma and anxiety in refugee children, and I learned a lot more about the neurobiology of exercise. 


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