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SHAPE America 2022 Back to School Summit

June 8, 2022








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Title IX Graphic

June 23 marks the 50th anniversary of the passage of Title IX, the landmark legislation that opened doors for girls and women in sports. To commemorate the anniversary, we’re sharing lots of great resources on our website, including:

  • Personal stories from health and physical educators who were impacted by Title IX;
  • An overview of Title IX (including current challenges) in our Momentum feature article;
  • Title IX-themed activities to use in your classroom;
  • Historical editorials on Title IX from the JOPERD archives … and more!



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SHAPE America

As the pandemic’s effects on the educational system continue to linger, educators must rethink their educational experience and reflect on the need to design and implement a quality educational experience in online (or hybrid) educational environments as well. This article from the April issue of JOPERD discusses applications of core practice principles in online higher education kinesiology courses.


University of Alabama Nutrition Degree

By 2024, all new registered dietitians will need a master’s degree in nutrition. Earn a premier bachelor’s or master’s degree 100% online from UA Online. Our programs are affordable, with no out-of-state tuition rates or hidden fees. Students benefit from 24/7 technical support and student success coaching. !

SHAPE America

This “By You, For You” (BYFY) webinar will be held on June 16 at 5 p.m. ET. The presentation will help you understand how to structure your program and build lessons to connect with students of all learning styles. BYFY webinars are FREE for SHAPE America members (just $19.96 for non-members) and are recorded for later viewing.


Gopher Equipment Checklist

Get a jump start on assessing your equipment back-to-school needs with this free equipment inventory checklist developed by Dr. Robert Pangrazi, author of Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary Students. Simply download as a printable PDF or digital interactive Google Sheet and make it your own!

SHAPE America

Beginning with the 2023 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo, a keynote speaker will be invited to present the Chuck and Cathie Corbin Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Keynote Address. The speaker will be selected based on their ability and expertise in delivering a keynote that discusses advancing EDI in health and physical education (HPE).



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SHAPE America

Parents are socializing agents who can influence their children toward adopting healthy behaviors such as engaging in physical activities. However, parents can have misconceptions about how physical activity and motor skills emerge in children. The purpose of this study was to understand parents’ perceptions about their child’s physical activity and motor skill development.


Reach Every Athlete Coaching Book Cover

SHAPE America's latest text, geared to undergraduate and graduate PETE students and in-service teachers, includes eight case studies of situations that expose racism, disparities, and other issues affecting Black students’ well-being, self-worth, and healthy experiences in PE, as well as reflective activities, resources, lesson considerations, and definitions.

Peer to Peer

Health and physical educators across the country are sharing ideas, resources and more!

Check out the latest videos on our :

  • : Stephanie is joined by a special guest, SHAPE America President Kymm Ballard! Stephanie gives her thanks to the organization’s volunteer leaders while Kymm also shares what she is thankful for.
  • : As part of Employee Wellness Week, SHAPE America Physical Activity Council members Megaera Regan and Francina Hollingsworth, along with Nick Kline of Active Schools, joined hosts Guy Danhoff and Lisa Paulson.
  • : Hear directly from this year’s National Teachers of the Year as they are interviewed in this special broadcast by cohosts Guy Danhoff and SHAPE America President Kymm Ballard.
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News Around the Nation

The Washington Post
In her book You Are Your Own Best Teacher!: Sparking the Curiosity, Imagination, and Intellect of Tweens, social scientist Claire Nader offers startling statistics. Decades ago, daily PE was the norm. These days, she said, only 4% of elementary schools, 7% of middle schools and 2% of high schools have daily PE the entire school year. “When money gets tight, PE is one of the first to go,” said Terri Drain, past president of SHAPE America.


In their book The Kinesthetic Classroom, Traci Lengel and Mike Kuczala cite studies that show us how learning certain concepts through movement is efficient and long-lasting. Movement gives learning experiences something fresh and new, which the brain likes. This novelty helps keep the attention of the students, making their learning efficient ... even those students who are timid and reluctant to participate at first are nevertheless paying attention and are interested in what’s going on around them.

The Buffalo News

Ever wonder where kids get so much energy? Today's typical 5-year-old eats almost 600,000 calories each year — that's a lot of fuel for a small body. These vast reserves of energy come in handy for games of freeze tag and neighborhood bike races. But many kids barely tap into their supply. It doesn't take many calories to watch Power Rangers, sort Pokemon cards, or play Crash Bandicoot on the Nintendo.


A national study of 11,235 youth ages 9 to 13 has found that participation in a team sport is associated with fewer mental health difficulties. However, youth who are exclusively involved in an individual sport — such as tennis or wrestling — may face greater mental health difficulties than those who do no sports at all. The study was led by Matt Hoffmann, Cal State Fullerton assistant professor of kinesiology.

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