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December 12, 2018







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SHAPE America’s new guidance document, Guidelines for K-12 Online Physical Education, was developed to provide assistance to administrators and teachers who are currently using hybrid and online physical education courses, but also for those who are considering including this as an academic option for students.

In this , we take an inside look at the new guidelines, providing an overview of what you'll find in the document.


Social & Emotional Learning Tools

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a crucial part of an educational environment where students feel safe and confident to explore, grow, and succeed. Discover our selection of tools, resources, and blog articles to support SEL in the physical education and health setting to help students thrive.

SHAPE America

In her latest blog post, SHAPE America CEO Stephanie Morris shares recent within the organization — and in national convention programming. This includes the exciting news that the convention’s closing session will include a keynote presentation by , creators of a powerful, moving video documenting their five-year-old son Ryland’s transition from girl to boy. Hilliary is also the author of Raising Ryland: Our Story of Parenting a Transgender Child With No Strings Attached.


Earn a Master's degree in Physical Education from an accredited and affordable university. The University of Nebraska at Kearney is a top choice when it comes to graduate education programs by U.S. News & World Report. Receive the same on-campus degree completely online.

SHAPE America

This article from the most recent issue of discusses a study that examined the predictive relationship among physical activity, health-related fitness, and on-task classroom behavior in children using a discriminant function analysis.

Your Body is Power
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SHAPE America

SHAPE America member and 2017 have collaborated on a T-shirt fundraising initiative to send a teacher to the SHAPE America National Convention & Expo. You do not need to be a current SHAPE America member to receive the Send a Teacher scholarship. Scholarships are to offset registration and include a one-year Select membership to SHAPE America.



With the carbohydrate, potassium and energy they need, it’s no wonder athletes everywhere are choosing potatoes to perform at their best. Carbohydrate is the primary fuel for your brain and a key source of energy for muscles. Potassium is an important electrolyte that aids in muscle, cardiovascular and nervous system function. Finally, adequate energy intake supports optimal body functions. With so many potato varieties and forms available, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of potatoes at any time of day, every day of the week.

SHAPE America

Nothing could be more fun than holiday shopping for the health and physical education teacher on your list, and a is one gift they will certainly appreciate. At just $79, a Basic membership provides year-round benefits that include a subscription to one or more award-winning journals, free access to professional development webinars, and the ability to earn contact hours anytime, anywhere through the SHAPE America Online Institute. Remember — if someone on your list is already a SHAPE America member, you can easily add a year to their membership.

Chicago Tribune

Drew Beutel, 12, dreamed of playing his favorite sport with his classmates at Crone Middle School and finally got the chance when wheelchair basketball was introduced to sixth-grade gym classes. “I think it's good for them to get a perspective of what kids in wheelchairs have to do and what their perspective is,” said Drew, who has been wearing braces on his legs and using a walker or wheelchair since suffering spinal cord inflammation when he was a year old.

The Gonzaga Bulletin

Gonzaga is known for being an institution that thrives on not only its loyalty for its beloved sports teams, but also for the Jesuit values that lie at the university’s core. For GU students in the “Foundations in Sport Outreach” class, this unique collaboration between sport and spirit takes place Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Trinity Catholic School. Students in the class teach PE to fifth- through eighth-graders at Trinity, a school that would otherwise not be able to afford a physical education program.

National Equity Project

This free webinar on December 19 is designed for teachers and anyone who supports teacher practice. Using the Learning Partnerships framework, educators will learn to build trust with students across differences of identity (race, gender, class, family background, life experience, etc.) and leverage that trust in service of deeper ownership — and ultimately acceleration — of student learning.


National Standards & Guidelines for Initial Health Education Teacher Education


Michael Alongi’s wardrobe usually involves a splash of rainbow: shoelaces, a bowtie, a pin. The 15-year-old’s cropped brown hair is even swirled with shades of blue. He was born in a female body, but he said he didn’t feel like he was a girl. At the beginning of his freshman year, he started using “he” and “him” pronouns at his Sacramento high school, and also tried to deepen his voice. He isn’t shy about being gay and transgender.

Youth Today

It is clear that suicide is a nationwide problem, but it seems especially so here in Utah. Because we understood this serious problem, leaders at SALT Contemporary Dance came up with an innovative approach to suicide prevention. With knowledge of the powerful effects of movement and dance therapy, and with experience of watching youth use movement to work through complex problems, we knew we could develop an effective outreach program.

Bismarck News

If you have kids and wonder if all that time they spend on their smartphones endlessly scrolling, snapping and texting is affecting their brains, you might want to put down your own phone and pay attention. The federal government, through the National Institutes of Health, has launched the most ambitious study of adolescent brain development ever attempted. In part, scientists are trying to understand what no one currently does: how all that screen time impacts the physical structure of your kids' brains, as well as their emotional development and mental health.

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