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November 27, 2019




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Sleep is an important lifestyle factor that affects health. It is shown to affect energy balance, and more sleep is recommended to prevent obesity. While depression affects sleep, sleep restoration is associated with decreased severity of depression.


This article from the November/December issue of the American Journal of Health Education (AJHE) examines a recent study on the effect of sleep time on memory for the middle-aged and elderly. 


Social & Emotional Learning Tools

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a crucial part of an educational environment where students feel safe and confident to explore, grow, and succeed. Discover our selection of tools, resources, and blog articles to support SEL in the physical education and health setting to help students thrive.

SHAPE America

SHAPE America is proud to announce its 2020 District Teachers of the Year for adapted physical education, dance education, health education and physical education (elementary, middle school and high school). These individuals will be honored at the Hall of Fame Celebration and Give Back Event during the 2020 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo in Salt Lake City. 



Online Physical Education

Choose an accredited online M.A.Ed. in Physical Education Master Teacher. This program offers well-rounded expertise from faculty focused on enhancing your curriculum, professional connections that build your network, and advocacy opportunities that encourage active engagement of all students.

SHAPE America

Health and physical educators from across the country have begun registering for the 2020 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo, which will be held April 21-25 in Salt Lake City. Register now and  with early-bird rates! You might also be eligible to  in Salt Lake City! 

Teach NFL Flag-In-Schools
Youth Basketball Curriculum for PE

SHAPE America

Join panelists from SHAPE America’s Physical Education Council for a lively Twitter Chat on December 2 at 9 p.m. ET. Participants will offer ideas, activities and best practices that align with SHAPE America's National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education. Take a look at the questions before the chat and chime in using hashtag #SHAPEPhysEd. 



Health educator Chad Dauphin’s new post is filled with ideas and resources that were shared in November’s #SHAPEHealthEd Twitter Chat.

Creating a safe and welcoming classroom is a goal for most K-12 educators as well as those in higher ed. As health educators, we should model this environment for all teachers throughout our schools. In our health education classrooms, we discuss issues that are controversial and may be personal to many of our students. The big question is: How do we, as health educators, create a safe and welcoming #healthed classroom? 


SHAPE America

The Thomas L. McKenzie Research Award promotes the development of future researchers in the field of physical education, physical activity, and public health. SHAPE America will provide one or more awards of up to $2,000 to members who are graduate students or early career professionals. Interested individuals should review all requirements and submit application materials before December 13. 





The Sun

As up-tempo music blares inside Arroyo Valley High’s gymnasium, Scott Smith weaves through lines of underclassmen doing push-ups, jumping jacks and other cardiovascular exercises at separate stations. On occasion, the 54-year-old physical education teacher joins in, shouting words of encouragement between deep breaths. Every 45 seconds, the music stops and all 84 students glance at their wrist before rotating to the next set. 


Town Topics

Erin Galbraith had been teaching yoga in the area when she started an after-school program at the Princeton Montessori School, where her son and daughter were enrolled. Her classes were popular, so she offered an additional class for parents, and then started teaching teachers some yoga once a week after school, emphasizing with them the value of taking care of yourself. 



Workout mats carpet the floor, diagrams of exercises cover the walls, and sweaty bodies move in unison. No, this is not your trendy local yoga class. It is a motor lab at Midway Heights Elementary School — a space for students to exercise their brains and bodies while improving their sensory development skills. 


Physical Best



The Hechinger Report

Physical education with Jon Szychlinksi is not your traditional "gym" class. Just as professional athletes study game tapes to identify their weaknesses, Szychlinski’s middle schoolers do, too. While a team of kids might play volleyball, their peers record their movements, giving them footage to study when it’s their turn for a break. 



In a study published November 21 in Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, researchers at the World Health Organization (WHO) analyzed the results of surveys that included 1.6 million adolescents ages 11-17 from 146 countries in 2001 and then again in 2016. Overall, 81% of the adolescents did not meet the WHO recommendations of one hour of moderate-to-vigorous activity a day in 2016. 


SI News

According to the Harvard Graduate School of Education, SEL relates to the development of a vast range of non-academic skills that are increasingly considered essential to student success. Encouraging social and emotional learning in physical education, National Board Certified Teacher Kyle Bragg told SHAPE America that, “Teaching SEL through health and physical education helps students navigate many of the challenges they face each day.” 


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