Appropriate Practices in School-Based Health Education

This new SHAPE America Guidance Document gives teachers, administrators, curriculum specialists and teacher trainers a detailed blueprint for designing and delivering health education that meets national, state and local standards and frameworks.

Created by SHAPE America and a task force of exemplary health educators, Appropriate Practices in School-Based Health Education lists best practices for:

  • Creating a positive and inclusive learning environment that engages students in learning the skills they need to live healthy lives
  • Implementing a sequential, comprehensive curriculum —aligned with the National Health Education Standards and other relevant frameworks —that is skills-based, with an emphasis on developing health literacy
  • Employing instructional practices that engage students in learning and in developing their health-related skills
  • Using assessments that measure student growth, knowledge and health-related skill development
  • Advocating for a positive school culture toward health and health education
  • Maintaining high standards of practice

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