SHAPE America health education (HE) Twitter chats include various panelists of preK-12 and higher education health educators as well as other HE stakeholders. They cover a variety of topics in the profession, offer ideas, activities and best practices grounded in a skills-based approach to teaching.

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Next Chat: March 8th, 9 PM Eastern
Title: The Role of Pre-Service/HETE Programs as Agents of Change in HealthEd
Panelists: Holly Alperin - @HollyAlperin, Dr. Stephen Harvey - @drstephenharvey, & Shonna Snyder - @DrSLSnyder



Q1: Please share with us your current position and what role you play in preparing health educators today. #SHAPEHealthEd
Q2: How do you frame the idea of "health" for your pre-service students? #SHAPEHealthEd
Q3: What’s the importance of going through a health teacher education program?  What are the benefits of enrolling in a certified program? (program that leads to licensure)
Q4: In what ways can current classroom educators support pre-service and new teachers in becoming trauma informed and culturally responsive? #SHAPEHealthEd
Q5: Why is it important to prioritize equity, diversity and inclusion in health education curriculum development and lesson planning? What changes have been made? #EDI #SHAPEHealthEd
Q6: How can we teach students about the social determinants of health while also further developing their health literacy? #EDI #SHAPEHealthEd
Q7: What have you learned to help prepare teachers for things such as a pandemic?  Are programs preparing teachers for online teaching? #SHAPEHealthEd
Q8: How have you been able to build your program so that you're helping to recruit new teachers into the field? How can we help programs that might be headed to closure if we don’t recruit more future health teachers? #SHAPEHealthEd

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