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Title: Teaching the Skill of Goal-Setting in #HEALTHED
Panelists: Jessica Matheson - @CoachMatheson, Amy Prior - @priorteach, Andrea Samsky - @SamskyAndrea


Q1: Why is it important that students master the skill of setting goals in #healthed? #SHAPEHealthEd
Q2: What “hooks” do you use to get students to “buy-in” or become more interested in goal-setting? #SHAPEHealthEd
Q3: Please share any goal-setting lessons or activities that you use to engage your #healthed students. Can these lessons/activities be used in a remote learning environment? #SHAPEHealthEd
Q4: What is the most difficult part of teaching goal-setting in your classes? #SHAPEHealthEd
Q5: Teaching students to provide “measurable growth” in a SMART goal is one of the most challenging parts of teaching goal-setting. Do you have any advice on how to help students write better measurable goals? #SHAPEHealthEd
Q6: Goal-setting can be a great framework to create a plan for improving health behaviors. How do you get students to buy-in and carry out their plan so they can be successful (not just stop at the assignment of writing a SMART goal)? #SHAPEHealthEd
Q7: How do you assess your students in your goal-setting unit? Formative vs. summative? #SHAPEHealthEd
Q8: Can you provide any resources and/or curriculum for goal-setting? Goal-setting in a virtual world? #SHAPEHealthEd

Panelists Bio:

Jessica Matheson is a health teacher at Rockford High School in Rockford Minnesota and was on the 2017 Minnesota Physical Education Standards Review Committee.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education, School Health, and Developmental/Adaptive Physical Education from Minnesota State University, Mankato.  Jessica has presented at MNSHAPE and Phys Ed Connections and is an active participant in workshops and conferences across the country.  Jessica thrives on writing curriculum and has developed eight different courses in high school health and physical education as well as online physical education.  She is very active in social media, sharing lessons, assessments, and curriculum suggestions.  In addition to teaching health and physical education, Jessica also teaches AVID and an IB MYP curriculum.  Jessica resides in Chanhassen, Minnesota with her husband, three children, and Weimaraner.  Twitter Follow → @CoachMatheson

Amy Prior - After beginning her teaching career in 1997 as a graduate of Appalachian State University, Amy has worked hard to advocate for the profession and excelled as a leader. She has been recognized by NCSHAPE and SHAPE America-Southern District as a Teacher of the Year in addition to serving as a Teaching Fellow for the North Carolina Center for Health and Wellness and America Achieves. Furthermore, Amy was a founding organizer of the North Carolina Core Advocates and currently serves as a #TeachStrong Ambassador. Her involvement with these organizations has launched her onto a national platform for teacher voice and educational policy. Amy is a SPARK Trainer and has presented at several state and national conferences. Amy has also contributed to publications including The Essentials of Teaching Physical Education, Lesson Planning for Skills-Based Health Education, and has been a guest blogger for SHAPE America and Slow Chat Health. Currently, Amy is teaching Health & Physical Education at Hilton Head Island Middle School in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Andrea Samsky has been teaching elementary physical education/health at Armstrong School for the Arts in Hampton, Virginia for the past 25 years.  She is a graduate of James Madison University Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education/Health and a minor in coaching. Along with teaching, she is the  Hampton City Schools Elementary Physical / Health Curriculum writer.  Andrea enjoys presenting at the local, state, and national levels. She serves on the HCS School Health Advisory Board and Old Dominion University Physical Education Advisory Board. Also, Andrea served on the VDOE Physical Education / Health Standards of Learning revision team and VAPHERD's executive board.  She was the recipient of the 2015 Hampton City Schools iUnderstand Film Festival Award for Promoting Excellent Technology Integration.  Andrea was Virginia's 2010 Elementary Physical Education TOY,  Virginia's 2016 Health Education TOY, and SHAPE America Southern District's 2017 Health Education TOY. 

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