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Body Image and Self-Esteem

Panelists: Brett Delaney - @BTDelaney, Danielle Petrucci - @MsWellnessEdu, Kate Kalnes - @TheFitFemalePE


Q1. Why is body confidence & self-esteem important for students? 

Q2.  How do you see low self-esteem, poor body image, and low body confidence impacting students? 

Q3. How does the media influence student self-perception? Any lesson ideas?

Q4. How do you address self-esteem & related topics in your curriculum?

Q5: What health ed skills from the NHES could help improve self-esteem, body image and body confidence? Lesson ideas?

Q6. Which National Health Education Standards skills are important for students to practice improving body confidence and self esteem? How do you incorporate these skills into your curriculum? 

Q7:  What are your favorite go-to resources for self-esteem, body image and body confidence?

Q8: What could an educator do to be a body confident role-model?

Panelists Bio:

Dr. Kate Kalnes
Kinetic Wellness Teacher, New Trier High School

Since beginning her career as a strength and conditioning coach, Kate Kalnes has coached volleyball, co-authored law enforcement performance training courses, designed high school physical education curriculum and higher education wellness curriculum.  Currently, Kate is a high school Kinetic Wellness teacher whose research and focused efforts on the health and well-being of the female adolescent has led her to speak at various state and national level conferences.

Danielle Petrucci
Cadre Trainer, Dove Self Esteem Project

Danielle is the K-12 Wellness Curriculum Coordinator in a Massachusetts public school district. She has taught both middle and high school health education and PE in both urban and suburban schools for the last 14 years. Danielle has been a DSEP Cadre Trainer with Cairn Guidance for the last three years, piloting and promoting the Confident Me! curriculum. She also teaches in the Health/SEL Master of Education program at Cambridge College preparing future health teachers for the classroom. Danielle aims to help students realize their full potential and live their best life with confidence.

Brett Delaney
8/9 Physical Education and Health; Head Softball Coach

Brett has been teaching physical education and health since 2007. Currently he teaches 8th and 9th grade Physical Education and Health at Northview Middle School in the Ankeny Community School District.  Brett is also the head varsity softball coach at Ankeny Centennial High School.  He is married with 3 little girls.  Brett loves to run, bike, golf, watch the Iowa Hawkeyes and Chicago Cubs.

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