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Next Chat February 4th at 9:00 p.m. ET
Tobacco Prevention: Using 'smokeSCREEN' and Other Effective Instructional Strategies
Kimberly Hieftje, PhD; @khieftje, Kimberly Ohara-Borowski; @OharaKimiko, Richard Ceballos; @StanfordTPT, Adrienne Lazaro; @StanfordTPT


Q1: What functional information do you select when teaching tobacco prevention?  Are there corresponding resources to share?

Q2: How can gameplay complement your tobacco prevention instruction?

Q3: What skills-based strategies do you use to teach decision-making around tobacco use?

Q4: How can students demonstrate refusal skills to prevent tobacco use?

Q5: How do you teach students to analyze influences on tobacco use?

Q6: What resources do you use to teach about nicotine addiction?

Q7: What other skills-based health ed learning activities do you implement for tobacco prevention?  Include the skill development focus (introduction, presenting the steps, modeling, practice, or reinforcement).

  • smokeSCREEN: A smoking prevention videogame from the play2PREVENT Lab at Yale Center for Health & Learning Games and CVS Health Foundation.
    1. Go to
    2. Click on the "Request Access" tab at the top of the website and fill out the form.
    3. You will receive an email from within 2-3 business days with the number of usernames/passwords requested.
    4. Each student should be assigned a unique username/password and be directed to click on the "Login" tab at the top of the website to access the game. Students may login from any device from this page and their gameplay will be continued.


    Panelists Bio:

    Kimberly Hieftje, PhD
    Research Scientist, Deputy Director, Yale Center for Health & Learning Games and play2PREVENT Lab
    Director, play4REAL Lab at Yale
    @khieftje, @play2prevent, @play4rlab

    Dr. Hieftje is a Research Scientist at the Yale School of Medicine and the Deputy Director of the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games and play2PREVENT Lab, where she focuses on the development and evaluation of videogame interventions for health prevention and promotion. She is also Director of the virtual reality play4REAL Lab at the center. Dr. Hieftje is currently overseeing the implementation of the tobacco prevention intervention videogame, smokeSCREEN, primarily in school settings, over the next three years through a novel collaboration with CVS Health Foundation. She is also overseeing a randomized controlled trial of the virtual reality videogame JUUL/e-cigarette intervention, smokeSCREEN VR, funded by Oculus Education.

    Kimberly Ohara-Borowski
    Health Teacher, Ocean View High School

    Kimberly Ohara-Borowski teaches health education at Ocean View High School in Huntington Beach, CA. Kimberly was recognized as the 2018 SHAPE America National Health Teacher of the Year.  She serves as VP for Health and as the legislative advocate for CAHPERD. Kimberly has a passion for health & wellness and is always looking for creative ways to connect current, relevant and meaningful health lessons for her students. She also has a love for integrating technology and uses many tech tools to help build upon health literacy skills for her students.  Kimberly is a lifelong learner and continuously seeking out collaboration opportunities to improve her practice.

    Richard Ceballos 
    Project Co-Director, Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

    Richard Ceballos graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Integrative Biology. As a student, he started serving underrepresented communities at Alta Bates Medical Center and Berkeley High School. After graduating, he was able to continue such passionate work by serving as a HIV counselor at UCSF. During this time, he also led a novel study on adolescent exposure to toxicants from e-cigarettes/vapes. This marked the beginning of his work in tobacco/nicotine control and prevention. As the Project Co-Director of the Tobacco Prevention Toolkit, he leads the dissemination of the Toolkit and ensures that the website is updated for educators.

    Adrienne Lazaro 
    Project Co-Director, Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

    Adrienne is a health educator, having worked for the University of California, Davis, a Federally Qualified Health Center in the Bay Area, and Stanford University. Adrienne has worked to empower youth to make healthier decisions around issues such as pregnancy prevention; sexually transmitted infection prevention; alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use reduction; and healthy relationship building through one-on-one health counseling as well as through youth development programs. Adrienne completed her Master's Degree in Community Health and Prevention Research (a program out of the Stanford Prevention Research Center) and continues to serve as the Project Co-Director for Stanford’s Tobacco Prevention Toolkit.

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