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Implementing a School-Based Employee Wellness Program
Hannah Brewer; @hbrew2, Kathy Wrenn; @KWrenn4, Nancy Raso Eklund; @nancyeklund


  1. What is your experience with a school-based employee wellness program?
  2. Why are school-based employee wellness programs important?
  3. If I were interested in starting one, what would you identify as the most important steps to take in starting a school-based employee wellness program?
  4. What activities can be implemented in a school-based employee wellness program? Describe any success stories or challenges to overcome.
  5. What tools or methods can be used to assess a school-based employee wellness program?
  6. How do school-based employee wellness programs have the potential to enhance the health and learning of students?
  7. What actions do you take to maintain your wellness at work?
  8. What resources are still needed to enhance the effectiveness of school-based employee wellness programs?

Panelists Bio:

Hannah Brewer
Associate Professor, Slippery Rock University, PA

Dr. Hannah Brewer is an associate professor in the Physical and Health Education Department at Slippery Rock University (SRU). Brewer is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and was trained in worksite wellness through the National Wellness Institute in 2014. She has worked with Highmark Healthy High 5's KidShape program and America on the Move to prevent childhood obesity at the local level and received a 2019 grant through the Pennsylvania Department of Health to serve as a School Wellness Consultant to enhance the health and well-being of students, teachers, and staff in Pennsylvania schools.  She is a certified K-12 health and physical education teacher and teaches several teacher education courses at SRU. Her research includes creating a culture of wellness in schools, social and emotional learning (SEL), and strategies for empowering youth to take ownership for their physical activity behaviors and well-being. Hannah is passionate about lifelong physical activity and helping schools implement all 10 components of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model. She believes that creating a culture of wellness should begin with physical and health education teachers and transcend to all areas of the school, including the cafeteria, hallways, and classrooms.

Nancy Raso Eklund
School District #2; Sweetwater County, Green River, WY retired and WY AHPERD ED

Nancy Raso Eklund retired from School District #2 in Green River after 42 years as a health, PE, special education teacher, wellness chair and grant director for the PEP grant as well as coaching and mentoring programs. Nancy has been nationally recognized for her teaching methods and was a National AAHPERD Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year as well as honored by Disney for the American Teacher Awards. She has presented nationally and internationally for fitness education programs, methods for instruction for appropriate health/PE and heart rate technology. Nancy serves on local, district and national committees for SHAPE America as well as ED for Central District. Nancy has also been involved with writing curriculum, Physical Best, PYFP, position papers for SHAPE America and her state education office. Her undergrad and graduate degrees are from St. Cloud State University and UNC in Greeley, CO. Nancy’s desire to make a difference in the lives of today’s students has made her a recognized voice to team with the many programs in our country to affect change for the health of youth in schools and communities across our country.

Kathy Wrenn
Employee Wellness Coordinator, Collegiate School in Richmond, VA

In 2010, Kathy Wrenn helped start the Collegiate School Wellness program for JK-12 students and employees. For seven years, Kathy served as the School Wellness Coordinator, building a comprehensive program that created a wellness mindset in the Collegiate community. With her guidance the program has received awards from the American Heart Association and was featured as a SHAPE America case study. After 19 years with Collegiate, she recently transitioned to a part-time position as Employee Wellness Coordinator. Kathy was an active member of the SHAPE America Employee Wellness Task Force and works on the planning committee for the annual Virginia Association of Independent School Health & Wellness Summit.

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