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Next Chat: December 16th, 9 PM Eastern
Title: Responding to Difficult Questions in #healthed
Jessica Lawrence @cairnguidance, Christopher Pepper @mrhealthteacher , Drew Miller @Millerhealthed & Debbie Thomas @PMS_Health


Q1: Does your school/district have a policy or protocol on answering difficult questions? If so, please share. If not, do you know of any resources that can help educators?
Q2: Explain the professional development you have received, if any, on how to answer questions in the #healthed classroom.
Q3: What’s the difference on how you navigate personal, fact and belief-based questions in the classroom?
Q4: Teaching #sexed at any grade level can be a very popular topic among students. Can you provide examples of difficult questions w/answers you have provided throughout your career in #healthed?
Q5: Students will sometimes ask very personal questions about you and/or your behaviors as an adolescent/young adult. Possibly for ‘shock value’ or to insight a response from peers/teachers/etc… How do you handle these difficult questions?
Q6: A student in your class (K-12 or higher ed) asks a question on the topic of abortion. How do you go about answering a question on this, or any other, controversial topic?
Q7: Speaking in front of a large group or class can be difficult for our students. How do you handle a situation where a student flat-out refuses to do any type of presentation (especially if you are assessing communication skills).

Panelists Bio:
Christopher Pepper is a parent and educator who serves as a Health Education Content Specialist at SFUSD’s School Health Programs Department. He helps lead the district’s sexuality and health education efforts. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Scholastic’s Choices Magazine, Edutopia, and on his own site, MrHealthTeacher. Follow him on Twitter at @mrhealthteacher

Drew Miller (he/him/his), MEd, is a health and  sexuality educator with ten years of professional  experience in public secondary education.  Drew  began his teaching career at Chambersburg Area  Senior High School in Pennsylvania and has  continued to innovate and engage learners at Bard  High School Early College in Manhattan. He is located in the New York City, follow him on Twitter at @Millerhealthed. 

Debbie Thomas is a health educator. She has a BA in Psychology and an MEd in Early Childhood; Special Education. She is in her 3rd year of teaching Health at Pelham Memorial School, which serves about 460 students in grades 6-8 in Pelham, NH.

Jess Lawrence is an enthusiastic, energetic, extroverted New Englander living in Eastern Kentucky by way of Portland, Oregon after 20 years.

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