Physical Best FAQs

How is Physical Best unique?
Physical Best is:
  • Inclusive by providing developmentally appropriate activities for different ages and abilities
  • Personal by focusing on each child's individual preferences and capabilities
  • Criterion-referenced focusing on guidelines for health and personal improvement rather than attaining unrealistic performance based standards
  • Teaches cognitive knowledge THROUGH activity
  • Promotes a lifestyle of physical activity
  • Created by teachers for teachers
  • Promotes a lifestyle of physical activity
  • The program is a result of the work of practitioners who have used the activities and teaching methods in the classroom.
  • A committee of SHAPE America members guides the ongoing development of the program.
All of these characteristics combined with FitnessGram form a comprehensive program that provides one-stop shopping for physical activity, nutrition education, and assessment in fitness education.
How does Physical Best fit in to any physical education curriculum?
The Physical Best philosophy and activities can be infused throughout any physical education curriculum. Physical Best is: linked to national education standards; provides accountability for educators by tying to national standards; is a K-12 program with resources and training appropriate to every grade level.
What is incorporated into the Physical Best program content?
All health-related components and principles of fitness taught through activity, assessment through FitnessGram and the best scientific research available on physical activity and health to date.
What Physical Best resources are available?
Physical Best: Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness and Health helps teachers impart the skills and knowledge that students need to become physically literate, details best practices, and shows how to integrate health-related fitness education into an existing curriculum. 
What type of training is provided by Physical Best?
Check out our Physical Best Workshops for more details.
How can Physical Best be taught in higher education?
Higher education professionals can become Physical Best Specialists or Instructors, incorporate the resources and content of the Specialist workshop into their coursework, and offer their students the option to be certified as Physical Best Specialists. For details, contact [email protected]

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