Exclusive Professional Development Based on the New National Health Education Standards

The new SHAPE America National Health Education Standards were launched in March 2024. To help educators understand and implement the revised standards, SHAPE America will offer a variety of professional learning opportunities.

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Customizable Professional Development Workshops

Select the workshop format, length and topics that work best for your school! These live workshops can be offered as virtual or in-person sessions — from 1-2 hours (virtual only) up to a half or full day (virtual or in person), depending on your needs. One of our qualified trainers will build a personalized workshop after discussing the topics you want covered in the session. Example topics include adapted PE, skills-based health education, social and emotional learning, and more.

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101 Webinar: Overview of the New National Health Education Standards

In this free webinar, members of SHAPE America’s National Health Education Standards Task Force will guide you through the new National Health Education Standards to create a truly impactful learning environment for your students. Task force members will give an update on what’s new in the standards as we look to the future of skills-based health education. You’ll learn how to transition your instruction with the new standards and performance indicators by putting them into practice.

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Diving Into the New SHAPE America National Health Education Standards — An Eight-Part Webinar Series

This webinar series will focus on each of the new SHAPE America National Health Education Standards. Experts in standards- and skills-based health education will lead you through the updates to the National HE Standards, discuss the philosophy behind the updates, and show how to implement the standards in your classroom. This eight-part webinar series can be purchased as a full package, or you can purchase as few as two webinars. Since Webinar 1 is vital to understanding the rest of the webinars in the series, it must be included in all individual webinar purchases.

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July 29-30

SHAPE America Summer Institute

Join us in Minneapolis for a specially designed, thematic professional development experience that will equip you with the skills and strategies needed to teach students in a rapidly changing world. Attendees will get access to exclusive resources and professional learning based on SHAPE America’s new National Physical Education Standards and National Health Education Standards.

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Available Beginning in July

Implementing the New SHAPE America National Health Education Standards

This interactive workshop will leave you equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the new SHAPE America National Health Education Standards. You’ll have an opportunity to examine the new themes in the revised standards through an exploration of the rationale, performance indicators, and other resources. We’ll identify how the revised standards can be used as a foundation to a skills-based health education curriculum and engage in teaching strategies you can use to integrate the health skills into your standards-based health education instruction.

After the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify key components and themes of the revised National Health Education Standards;
  • Explore how health skills and performance indicators can be used to guide curriculum and instruction; and
  • Outline a skills-based activity aligned with the revised National Health Education Standards.

Whether you select the half-day or full-day workshop option, you will leave with a solid foundation for crafting your curriculum aligned with the new National Health Education Standards, enabling you to take your health education instruction to the next level.

Want to Learn More About the New National Physical Education Standards?

SHAPE America is offering exclusive professional development based on the new National Physical Education Standards, which were also launched in March 2024.

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