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Join Other HPE Rock Stars This Summer at the SHAPE America Summer Institute!

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The SHAPE America Summer Institute will offer brand new professional development based on the new SHAPE America National Physical Education Standards and National Health Education Standards. Eight incredible Headline Presenters will present, for the first time ever, physical activity, health education and physical education sessions that are based on the new standards, new learning indicators, and new learning progressions.

Attendees will walk away with lessons, ideas, and student engagement strategies – all based on these new standards. This is a unique opportunity to invest in yourself as a teacher and to advance your career.

Join other HPE rock stars at this specially designed, thematic professional development experience including these amazing Headline Presenters:

Jonathan Jones Headshot

Jonathan JonesPE Resource Teacher, Prince George's County Public Schools, MD

Presentation"Unlocking the New SHAPE America Indicators: A Lesson in Unpacking & Creating Teachable Progressions"

What’s different about the new SHAPE America National Standards and indicators? How do I unpack the indicators into learning progressions? How do I use the unpacked indicators to facilitate quality lessons in my teaching space? Learn how to unpack the new indicators into teaching progressions that align with student development. Participants will also collaborate on utilizing the unpacked indicators to create practical and engaging learning experiences that cater to diverse learners.
Sarah Gietschier-Hartman Headshot

Sarah Gietschier-HartmanHealth & Physical Education Department Chair, Clayton High School, MO

Presentation"Teaching Students to Live a Colorful Life Using the Dimensions of Wellness"

In this interactive session for health educators, we will explore the dimensions of wellness. Attendees will be guided through a four-day unit carefully crafted to deepen the understanding of wellness among their secondary students. We will also cover how the dimensions of wellness complement the new SHAPE America National Health Education Standards. Attendees will leave the session with six engaging activities, which they can use to empower students to enhance their overall health and well-being.
Scott Todnem Headshot

Scott TodnemHealth Educator, Scullen Middle School, IL

Presentation"New Standards ... Now What? Direction and Excitement for Health Education"

As health educators, we have assigned ourselves the difficult task of creating an experience that permeates the lives of our students, now and forever. We can rise to that challenge! Together, let's find direction through the newly released SHAPE America National Health Education Standards and create excitement for a future of possibilities in wellness and health education. Come ready to think and consider where we all might go from here.
Jo Bailey Headshot

Jo BaileyPhysical Educator, D.C. Everest Senior High, WI

Presentation"Driving the Student-Centered CAR in High School PE With the New SHAPE America National Physical Education Standards"

Student Choice, Autonomy and Reflective practice are central to a positive and meaningful experience in high school physical education. This hands-on session will show you how to drive the student-centered CAR through the new SHAPE America National Physical Education Standards, with the journey taking you through practical activities that encompass all four of the new standards learning domains. You will learn how to create a roadmap for your students that allows them to choose their challenge route while building positive social skills along the way. Assessment examples and learning progressions will be provided for the activities presented.
Jen Heebink Headshot

Jen HeebinkDAPE Teacher, Buffalo Community Middle School and Buffalo High School, MN

Presentation"Unified PE, the Standards and Creating World Changers"

Have you heard about the amazing physical education class, built around the PE standards, that brings together students with and without disabilities to create a huge ripple effect of positive impact in school culture for inclusion? In this session, we will talk about partnering with Special Olympics to implement Unified PE and hear stories of how it has absolutely changed the world for students.
Terri Drain Headshot

Terri DrainFounder, Health & Physical Education Collaborative, CA

Presentation"Key Features of a Standards-Based Lesson"

The goal of this session is to highlight five key elements of a standards-based lesson. You’ll experience these elements as students will … through movement. The ideas and strategies shared will help you to level up and effectively implement the new SHAPE America National Physical Education Standards with your own students.
Judy LoBianco Headshot

Judy LoBiancoCEO, HPE Solutions, NJ

Presentation"'Refinishing the Gym Floor': A Secondary PE Makeover"

Do your students come to class with earbuds in and a phone in their hand? Are they wearing crocs or choosing to sit on the bleachers? It's time for a deep look at grade 6-12 physical education and how our profession was never meant to be synonymous with athletics. Many students are bored, afraid, embarrassed, unmotivated and disengaged. In this session, we will explore what the teacher can do to overhaul the look and feel of their classroom and instructional practices through the lens of the new SHAPE America National Physical Education Standards.
Will Potter Headshot

Will PotterPhysical Educator, Serendipity School, CA

Presentation"A Compass for the Physical Education Journey"

The 2024 release of the SHAPE America National Physical Education Standards has created a new level of excellence for physical educators. These new standards incorporate and reflect the four learning domains. In addition, the standards reinforce the belief that all students deserve learning experiences that equip them to be confident, competent and motivated movers. Attendees in this session will participate in standards-based activities utilizing progressions and assessments. This session will give teachers the tools and skills necessary to navigate the new standards, while keeping the focus on what matters most, the journey.

Attendees will:

  • Get access to exclusive resources and professional learning based on SHAPE America’s new National Physical Education Standards and National Health Education Standards;
  • Explore how to integrate new standards-based concepts in your HPE classes to keep students healthy and thriving;
  • Learn new teaching strategies and classroom management techniques;
  • Discover new technologies to improve instruction and student engagement in HPE.
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