Southern District Donna L. Dunaway Medal

This is the district's highest award and honors individuals who have made significant and sustained contributions and given meritorious service to the Southern District over a significant period of time.

  • Be a noteworthy leader and a significant contributor to the work of Southern District; 
  • Has exemplified long term and meritorious service to Southern District for a minimum period of 15 years;
  • Be a person of high moral character whose contributions have emulated the spirit of service, dedication and the highest work ethic that the Dunaway Medal represents;
  • Candidates shall be at least 45 years of age as of September 15 of the year of nomination;
  • Be a member of Southern District for a minimum period of 15 years prior to being nominated for the award and reside in the Southern District at the time of the award; previous Dunaway Medal recipients and deceased members are not eligible for this recognition. 

Deadline for Nominations: September 15

Nomination Form

Send the completed nomination form to Karen Dowd at [email protected].


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