What are Program Councils?

The Program Councils are the idea generators of the organization. The councils carry out SHAPE America's mission by organizing task forces, carrying out and accomplishing work on behalf of the organization and communicating with the membership at large about the needs of the profession and the resources that SHAPE America should provide.

What do the Program Councils do?

The charge of each of the four programs councils includes the following:

  • Relate all activities to the "50 million strong by 2029" commitment.
  • Think creatively (big picture--out of the box) about strategic plan initiatives and appropriate programs, products and services (PPS) related to the respective focus areas listed above, considering overall impact, member benefit and return on investment. Prioritize projects and activities based on Board of Directors' annual recommendations.
  • Review existing programs, products, services, activities in relation to strategic plan and recommend continuation, revision or elimination. Help guide new initiatives through review process and recommend task forces and ad hoc committees needed for completion.
  • Review and propose actions in the following areas: advocacy, awards (scholarships), publications, convention/conferences, professional development, technology and social justice.
  • Build communication with related Affinity/Special Interest Groups.
  • Provide report/update prior to each Board of Directors in-person meeting and/or when requested.
  • Recommend partnerships/sponsorships where appropriate.

How can I become a member of the council?

Submission Procedures

There is currently one Research Fellow opening on the Research Council.

The application is available until June 29. Apply here

Applications to all other councils are currently closed.

Submit your application! Applications are due by October 15 for terms beginning at the next annual SHAPE America National Convention & Expo. New council members are selected by existing council members and will be notified by December 31.

What is the term of a council member?

Council members begin their term at the SHAPE America National Convention & Expo and end their term three years later, also at the SHAPE America National Convention & Expo.

How often do the Program Councils meet?

Councils primarily conduct their business through monthly conference calls and regular email exchange. They also meet in-person at the SHAPE America National Convention & Expo (at their own expense).

What content areas are represented by the council?

The School Health Education Council addresses the areas of Health Education Teacher Education (HETE), preK-12 School Health Education, and State/District Health Education Administration.

The Physical Education Council addresses the areas of Dance, Physical Education Teacher Education, preK-12 Physical Education, Adapted Physical Education, State/District Physical Education Administration.

The Physical Activity Council addresses the areas of lifespan physical activity, dance, sport, adapted physical activity, and outdoor adventure education.

The Research Council addresses the areas of curriculum and instruction, exercise science, motivation and psychology, motor behavior and measurement, physical activity and health, sociocultural and social justice, and sport and coaching.

The Professional Preparation Council identifies and discusses needs/issues related to professional preparation for HETE and PETE, HETE and PETE program review toward Specialized Professional Association (SPA) national recognition for CAEP accreditation, college and university instructional physical activity programs, academic content knowledge, and strategies for addressing the needs/issues related to those areas. Check out their strucutre and function document, here!


Melanie Lynch, Chair
Kaulana Molina
Brooke Sharples
Sarah Benes
Kim Kato
Shonna Snyder
Matthew Avey
Brett Fuller, Board Liaison

James Hambel, Sheridan Academy for Young Leaders, NY
Mark Foellmer, Wentworth Junior HS, IL
Brian Dauenhauer, University of Northern Colorado
Abigail Rose, CATCH Global Foundation, IL
Megan Adkins, University of Nebraska-Kearney, NE
Joanna Faerber, EATMOVEGROW, LA
Michelle Grenier, University of New Hampshire, NH
Xiaofen Keating, University of Texas at Austin, TX
Ann Paulls-Neal, Board Liaison

Sara Flory, Chair
Greg Bert
Lynn Burrows
Nilo Ramos
Lori S. Dunn
Teasha Jackson
Heather Katz
Melanie Levenberg
Terri Drain, Board Liaison

Tim Brusseau, University of Utah, UT
Hans van der Mars, Arizona State University, AZ
Peter Hastie, Auburn University, AL
Ashley Phelps, The University of Texas at Austin, TX
Greg Welk, Iowa State University, IA
David Stodden, University of South Carolina, SC
Jennifer Walton-Fisette, Kent State, OH
Mark Williams (RQES), University of Utah, UT

Kevin Richards (Chair), University of Alabama, AL
Erin Centeio, Wayne State University, MI
Christina Sinclair, Stephen F. Austin State University, TX
Stacy Furness, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, WI
Mary Connolly, Cambridge College, MA
Benjamin Sibley, Appalachian State University, NC
Heather Erwin, University of Kentucky, KY


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FY2018 Council Openings

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SHAPE America Professional Preparation Council

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