Special Interest Group

Formation Criteria

  • SIGs may be formed by a group of members. SHAPE America approves the formation of each SIG and periodically reviews the activity of all SIGs to ensure they are contributing to the mission of the organization.

  • The official name of any SIG is: SHAPE America [SIG NAME] Special Interest Group.

  • SIG membership is a free and optional addition to SHAPE America membership. To belong to a SIG the individual must be a current SHAPE America member and chose SIG membership in their membership profile. All SIG memberships are valid for the same period of time as the SHAPE America membership.

  • All new SIGs must go through the following steps to be approved by SHAPE America:
    1. Contact the SHAPE America Senior Director of Programs.
    2. Collect fifty (50) signatures of SHAPE America members who support forming the SIG.
    3. Write a purpose statement for the SIG and background information showing how this SIG will support SHAPE America's mission and goals for presentation to the SHAPE America Board.

  • Upon approval of the SIG, it will proceed into probationary status for one (1) year. Within this year, the SIG needs to:
    1. Reach fifty (50) members.
    2. Select SIG officers.
    3. Provide evidence of year-long activity.

  • SIGs that fail to maintain fifty (50) members for the year will also enter probationary status for one (1) year.

  • At the end of the year, SHAPE America will review the progress of the SIG and determine if it is ready to proceed to regular SIG status or remain on probationary status.
*SHAPE America recognizes that some vital areas of interest may not be able to collect fifty (50) signatures and maintain fifty (50) members, in these cases exceptions may be presented to the SHAPE America for review.*

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SIG Awards

Nominate a deserving individual for an award! Check out the SIG call for nominations: