Success Stories

VA’s Alexandria City Public Schools Launches New Health/PE Initiatives Using ESSA Funds

In 2015, Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) became one of the first school divisions in Virginia to adopt a health and wellness goal as part of its strategic plan. The goal states: ACPS will promote efforts to enable students to be healthy and ready to learn.

With Nowhere to Go but up, Louisiana PE Advocates Tip the Scales in Their Favor

With Louisiana’s alarmingly high rates of childhood and adult obesity, ensuring funding for HPE programs in Louisiana schools should be easy. However, as one SHAPE America member found out, it’s not that simple.

Minnesota Health and PE Advocates Make Valuable Strides Through Statewide Outreach

How do you turn state education officials into allies and advocates for your cause? “Seize every opportunity to reach out to decision makers and present your case.”

‘Many Voices Send a Loud Message’ to Ensure Physical Education Funding for GA Students

Although the ESSA sanctioned health and physical education as part of a well-rounded education, the burden of prioritizing how funds are spent and what schools are held accountable for now rests in the hands of states and school districts.

Hear How It’s Done: Kentucky Health and PE Teachers Mobilize to Get a Seat at the ESSA Table

With the passage of the ESSA in late 2015, health and physical education are now rightly considered critical components of a student’s well-rounded education — but there are no guarantees that funding will funnel to health and physical education or that these programs will be prioritized without aggressive and strategic action.