COVID-19 Resources

Updated September 17, 2020

SHAPE America is dedicated to helping physical education and health education teachers across the country as many schools and school districts are moving to distance learning due to COVID-19. In response, we have created a collection of resources from SHAPE America and other K-12 health and physical educators to help you continue to provide high-quality, standards-based lessons despite the circumstances. Adapt, repurpose or use the resources provided as you see fit to best meet the unique needs of your students. Be sure to bookmark this page and come back as we will be adding content regularly.

Tips to Teaching in a Remote Environment
  1. Assess your curriculum- Do an inventory of your current curriculum and determine which lessons or activities can be repurposed as at-home work or for online use. There may be things you have already done that can easily be adapted for students to complete at home or online.
  2. Have a plan- Once you’ve figured out what you’re going to teach, be sure to explain it to parents and students. Explain where they can find materials, how they will submit their work (e.g. when we return to school) and what to do if there’s a problem (e.g. internet goes down, they can’t find an assignment).
  3. Create normalcy- Think about your daily routines and procedures. How can you translate them into an online environment? This will help students feel there’s some familiarity while realizing we’re still a class even though the medium is online. This could be students participating in a Mindful Minute or reflection activity.
  4. Revisit skills- When possible, try to make independent work a time to practice skills that were already previously taught. This may be easier to do when distance learning is for a short period time.
  5. Mix it up- Come up with different ways for students to demonstrate their learning. Can they make a slideshow or a video? Can they use video chat services to have discussions? Can they create a project or poster to display and share when they return to class? This is a great time for them to try new things to gain different experiences.
  6. Work together- We have a great support system within our HPE community! Share resources or ideas, ask questions and encourage one another. Remote or distance learning may be easier for some more than others, so let’s uplift and support each other during these unprecedented times.

Adapted from the ASCD article: Transitioning to Online Learning: Pro Tips on What You Need to Know


Online PE Guidance


While the original intent of this document was to assist those developing long term online PE courses, this document has great resources and examples of lessons and modules that can be adapted for short term distance learning. Activity ideas within the document are organized by the National Standards for K-12 Physical Education. There are also tips for how to create videos for instruction and websites to create quizzes and discussions.

Mind & Body Calendars

The Mind & Body calendars are a great resource to send home with students or to share through a link in a newsletter or e-mail out to parents. The calendars encourage students to stay physically active while working on aspects of mental wellness, too.

CDC Guidance and Resources

Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidance for Public Spaces, Workplaces, Businesses, Schools, and Homes

Check out timely, updated resources from the CDC.

Technology Resources Tutorials

Below are tutorials to help you with different tech resources to help ease into online learning with these common tools and resources. Thank you Matt Bassett and Megan McCollom for creating and sharing these!

At-Home Fitness Ideas

Super Deck Fitness Card Game

A multi-game fitness card deck that can be used for grades K-12. The PDF games with different games to play using the card deck. This is an original game created by Dan DeJager, 2019 National High School PE Teacher of the Year. Thanks for sharing, Dan!

Try these fun challenges created by Kate Cox, 2018 Western District Middle School PE Teacher of the Year, and her family!

Content From Fellow Educators

We’ve collected various resources from the HPE community. Below are resources from around the web in one easy spot. Thank you to those educators who contributed materials! We are in this together! Continue to share your resources using #HPEatHome on social media.

Content From Our Corporate Friends

Many of our corporate friends have come together to provide their resources for free or to create new resources for teachers in need during school closures due to COVID-19. Below is a collection of resources from various companies dedicated to helping students improve their overall wellness. Thank you to all of our corporate friends who reached out to help!

Ready-To-Go Take Home Physical Education Learning Packet for Secondary HPE

The physical education learning packet is a Take Home Packet designed for teachers to download so they have a collection of ready to use activities that they do not have to spend time searching for. The secondary activities in this packet do not require internet and include physical education and health education that are designed to be done over the course of a week.

Ready to Go Take Home Packet Download Link

Health Education Resources from SHAPE America

The Daily Big 3 - Version 2 The Daily Big 3 - Version 2 - Spanish

The Daily Big 3 are three things students can do each day while they’re out of school to take care of their physical and mental wellness. They will fill in the date for each day and check off items as they complete them. This second version of the Daily Big 3 builds from the first version.

The Daily Big 3 The Daily Big 3 - Spanish

The Daily Big 3 are three things students can do each day while they’re out of school to take care of their physical and mental wellness. They will fill in the date for each day and check off items as they complete them.

My Beliefs and Values

Our skills-based health education lesson 3 from health. moves. minds. is great to repurpose the activities to use for online discussion and assignments. Teachers can use one activity a day, allowing Learning Activity 2 to be done over the course of two days.

Logos and Slogans

This health and physical education activity is originally designed to be done in groups, but can be easily adapted to be done individually at home.

Physical Education Resources from SHAPE America

Physical Activity Log

This is a great opportunity for students to take charge of their own physical activity while not in school. Have them complete a log and reflection questions each week.

Physical Activity Log Instructions - Middle School Physical Activity Log Instructions - High School

Here are instructions to teachers for physical activity logs for middle and high school students pulled from PE Metrics.

Physical Activity Chart - ENG Physical Activity Chart - SPA

To accompany the physical activity logs is a chart of physical activities students can choose from to complete their logs.

Online Journal Activity

An online journal activity is shared for students to compare and contrast the health-related fitness components.

Self-Care Resources

Wellness Refresh

Now more than ever, it is time for a refresh! With a lot of home physical fitness resources out there, this program, from WE Integrated, will focus on your mental & emotional wellness. This five day program will refresh your entire self!

A Guide to Sleeping with Coronavirus Anxiety

This guide is packed with helpful information and tips on how to improve the quality of your sleep during this difficult time.