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Health Literacy Month is the perfect time to get new tips, ideas and insights from other health educators! The SHAPE America Blog has lots of new health education content, including posts by SHAPE America National Teachers of the Year!

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Engagement Party in the Health Classroom
October 13, 2022 at 5 p.m. ET

Have you ever felt like you’re teaching an amazing lesson, but when you look around students do not seem to be into the lesson? Maybe you are just looking for ways to spruce up your health lessons. This webinar will introduce the 15 foundational Characteristics of an Effective Health Curriculum (CDC) and coordinate those with a variety of active and cooperative learning strategies to use in the classroom, as well as provide students engagement opportunities.

Presenter: Kristen Ford, Associate Professor, Concordia College Julie Knutson, HPE Department, MSUM
Intended Audience: K-12, SHAPE Higher Education Members, Future Professionals
Teaching Social and Emotional Learning in the Health Classroom

Are you teaching skills-based health education? If you are, you are already teaching SEL! Join this session to learn how to seamlessly plan, assess, and teach SEL, content, and skill using backwards design. The “secret sauce” of a unit or lesson plan is the age-appropriate prompt. Learn to construct an engaging practice prompt that weaves together content, skill, and SEL competency followed by questions that challenge the student to clarify and reinforce information and demonstrate skills.

Presenter: Mary Connolly, Consultant, Cambridge College
Intended Audience: K-12, SHAPE Higher Education Members, Future Professionals, All SHAPE America Members (includes active Professional, Retired and Student members)

The health. moves. minds.® Fundraiser brings together the lessons, activities, and community-building ideas that help students live their best life. Learn more >>

Health Education Books

TOY Talk Tuesday episodes feature tips and resources for health and physical educators from SHAPE America’s National and District Teachers of the Year. This biweekly series is brought to you by SHAPE America’s Teacher of the Year Partner Network. Learn more >>