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July / August 2022



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  July/August 2022 (Volume 53, Issue 4)

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/Are Smartwatches Actually Used for Exercise? Evidence from HBCU Students
 – Richard Moye, Tangela Towns, Antonius Skipper, and Daniel Roset

Background: Literature shows a litany of health issues disproportionately impacting Black Americans, with physical inactivity as a major risk factor.
Purpose: This study seeks to understand the role of smartwatches in physical activity uptake and subsequent improvement in health outcomes for students at HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities).
Methods: We administered an electronic survey to undergraduate students (n = 215) about smartwatch ownership, features, competitions, fitness goals and accomplishments, exercise tracking, frequency of exercise, perceptions of weight, and student demographics.
Results: Smartwatch owners who were aware of features such as calorie counting were significantly more likely to exercise at the gym at least once per week. The majority recorded themselves running and competed with other smartwatch users in some fashion. Others were unaware of fitness tracking features. Overall, smartwatch users were not more likely to workout than non-users and were significantly more likely to see themselves as overweight.
Discussion: Many smartwatch users are unaware of exercise tracking features and not using the devices to become more physically active.
Translation to Health Education Practice: Motivations for purchasing smartwatches must be explored, and initiatives to showcase the technology’s fitness promotion potential and encourage competition between users could yield positive health impacts.

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