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November / December 2022



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  November/December 2022 (Volume 53, Issue 6)

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/Using the Move Your Way Campaign to Promote Physical Activity in American Adults and to Advocate for the Enactment of the Promoting Physical Activity for Americans Act
 – Shereece Wallace, Julie Spencer, Deborah Birk & Ling Chen

Background: The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd edition (PAGA2) is an evidencebased policy for physical activity. The PAGA2 addresses sedentary behavior, promotes physical activity, and elaborates on improved health outcomes associated with physical activity. The Promoting Physical Activity for Americans Act is a bill passed by the Senate but not yet enacted. The Move Your Way campaign is a promotional campaign for the PAGA2. Purpose: The study promoted physical activity in American adults at a Midwestern church after implementation of a PowerPoint presentation entailing the Move Your Way campaign. Methods: The Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ) was completed by participants prior to implementation of the Move Your Way campaign. Follow-up GPAQ assessments retrieved via telephone calls occurred at two, four, and eight weeks post intervention. Results: The Move Your Way campaign produced a statistically significant increase in physical activity and reduction in sedentary behavior. The Move Your Way campaign successfully influenced adults to increase their physical activity and reduce their sedentary behavior. Translation to Health Education Practice: This study provides evidence-based practice that promotes and easily assesses physical activity. The results can be used to advocate for the enactment of the Promoting Physical Activity for Americans Act.

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