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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Physical Education
Kennedra Tucker @MsTuckerRocksPE, Brian Culp @cultureNmotion, Latrice Sales @LatriceSales, John Strong @jstrong731

Q1: How do you feel about your understanding of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Physical Education, and your ability to address these topics in your program? Q2: How can teachers improve their knowledge of and comfort level with Equity, Diversity and Inclusion? What are ways to bring together communities of practice around inclusion and equity if we are all working from different lenses, definitions, assumptions, curriculums etc..?
Q3: In what way
s can we evolve our teaching and instruction to maximize the impact we have on students and families in our ever-changing society? Q4: Social and emotional learning (SEL) and EDI are directly connected. How can SEL help guide our instruction towards a healthy lifestyle for our students? Q5: How can inclusion in the Physical Education setting ripple beyond your class and into your school/community? Q6: What are some positive strategies connected to teaching students to be allies to the spectrum of students that may be historically bullied, marginalized or otherwise taken advantage of?
Q7: What resources do you recommend to inform the practices of K-12 practitioners and PETE Professionals?  

Panelists Bios:
Name: Kennedra Tucker Twitter:@MsTuckerRocksPE Kennedra Tucker is a 13-year educator. She is currently the Health and Physical Education Coordinator in Baltimore City Schools. A nationally board certified teacher, Kennedra is passionate about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. She continues to educate herself and others about teaching ALL students while valuing and appreciating their differences. She leads presentations for PE teachers on how they can be more culturally responsive and has written an article about the topic. .  She enjoys working out in her spare time and is a certified fitness instructor. She teaches cardio kickboxing, dance fitness and water aerobics. She is currently pursuing her Educational Doctorate in School System Leadership at the University of MD, College Park. She believes leadership is service and hopes to continue to serve her community by being the best leader possible.

Name: Brian Culp

Twitter: @cultureNmotion

Brian Culp examines inequity and reasons for participation in physical education, play and sport. Central to his scholarship is a focus on semiotics, archetypes, cross-cultural communication, social justice, and physical environments. He trains student teachers in physical education and designs intergenerational programing for various populations. Dr. Culp has been involved with groups such as SHAPE America, PHE Canada, The Centers for Disease Control, and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. A Fulbright Scholar, Culp has been recognized for his work by SHAPE America and NAKHE. More details and a vitae can be found at and

Name: Latrice Sales


Latrice Sales is a doctoral student at the University of Texas at Austin in the Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program. Latrice came to the University of Texas with over fifteen years of experience as a sport, physical education, and physical activity advocate. Her research interests include supporting Black women and girls in sports, health and physical education in non-traditional settings, effective healthy out-of-school time programs, and health and physical education policy. Latrice is currently a research consultant focused on writing culturally relevant curricula and monitoring and evaluating physical activity programs.
Name: John Strong
Twitter: @jstrong731 John Strong is an Assistant Professor at Niagara County Community College in Sanborn, NY (10 years). His responsibilities include Physical Education Teacher Education, coordinating the Personal Training Certificate Program, and various posts in collegiate clubs and committees. John is a member of SHAPE America where he sits on the Awards Committee. He is also a member of NYS AHPERD in which he chairs the Jay B. Nash Awards committee and acts as the Advisor to the Future Professionals Section. John has presented on various topics at the zone, state and national levels of these organizations. He also sits on the board for the National Council on Strength and Fitness as a Subject Matter Expert. John's related areas of interest include: Youth Sport, Sport Philosophy, and Holistic Wellness.

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