SHAPE America Physical Education (PE) Twitter chats include various panelists of preK-12 and higher education PE educators as well as other Physical Education stakeholders. They cover a variety of topics in the profession, offer ideas, activities and best practices that align with SHAPE America's National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education.

We invite you to take a look at the questions before the chat and chime in using hashtag #SHAPEPhysEd.

Next Chat - Racial Equity In Physical Education
Panelists - Marquel Hatcher, Jason Campbell, Laura McBean, Eric Bishop, Sue Scheppele & Jonathan Jones 
Date and Time - January 18th at 9 PM Eastern 

Q1 - What are some examples of racial inequities that may be present in Physical Education Programs? 
Q2 - What are some key understandings that you wish all Physical Education teachers had regarding Racial Inequities, to help them plan and deliver a higher quality, more supportive and inclusive PE program?
Q3 - How do you examine your own biases?  What are your checks and balances?  How do you reflect on your practices, environment and curriculum?:
Q4 - What are strategies you use to create a culturally relevant experience that embraces all identities and communities?
Q5 - What can the profession do to be more welcoming, inclusive and equitable to all of our students? 
Q6 - What are some positive strategies to teach students to be allies and upstanders for all students? How do we empower students and give them voice?  
Q7 -  What resources do you recommend to inform the practices of K-12 practitioners and PETE (Physical Education Teacher Education) Professionals?

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March 22nd – health.moves.minds lessons learned from educators 
April 26th – LGBTQIA+ Equity and Access 
June 14th – Assessment in Physical Education

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